Fat Loss Seminar – “Inflammatory Food; is it Hindering Your Progress?”

There are 3 ‘Fat Loss Seminars’ that we conduct:

  • Food & Exercise For Your Body Type
  • Food for Training, Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, & Muscle Recovery
  • Inflammatory Food; is it hindering your progress?

You’re doing everything right but nothing is changing!

Often people are eating what they know to be ‘healthy food’ but are still struggling to get lean or build lean muscle.

This can often be related to inflammatory food and lifestyle. When the body is inflamed it is too busy trying to survive to worry about burning fat or building muscle.

*In this seminar we talk about the most common causes of inflammation and what you can do to reduce inflammatory factors in your life. These may include food allergies or intolerances, sleep (or lack there of), alcohol, medication, nutrient deficiencies, stress and your environment.

Up and Coming Seminar Dates:

12/11/2017 – 9:00-11:00am

Please ensure you bring a notebook and pen with you to take notes.

Sessions prices:

$37.00 for members (or buy 3 pack to attend all “Fat Loss Seminars” for $99.00)

$47.00 for non-members (or buy a 3 pack to attend all “Fat Loss Seminars” for $129.00)

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