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​We are the ONLY Personalised Group Fitness Company around!

Situated in South Morang

Does this sound like you?

​​​You are ridiculously busy!

You find yourself running around for everyone else, and there’s no time left for you!

​You feel like you have lost ​YOU, somewhere along the way, and you just want to be ​YOU again!

​​​If so, you are ​the exact person we are looking for!


“​Terrific Fitness is a family business that provides a community within the local community. Your results are our number one priority which is why we focus on so much more than just your training. We mentor you in all areas including your nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and overall well-being, whilst providing you with exceptional support. Our vision at Terrific Fitness was to create a place where friends and family could train together and support one another. A place where you could meet new friends and feel at ease the minute you walk through the door. That is exactly what we have created. Right down to our free kids’ room for the little people in your life.”

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​​Why Choose Terrific Fitness?

​​We actually care about you as an individual. We will never treat you as a number or a swipe card. We get to know all our members personally, their likes, dislikes, ensuring you feel welcome and part of the family.

You will be well looked after by our Coaches that are ​certified Personal Trainers, not just Group Fitness Instructors. You will receive personal attention, even in the group fitness classes. Our Coaches are also rehab qualified to ensure that your safety​ is our top priority. 

​All of our classes and programs are written and designed by our Coaches, not TV screens. This means that we can adjust each exercise to ​suit your needs, because we know you are an individual and there is no such things as 'one size fits all'. ​Our coaches will help you with technique, accommodate for injuries that you may have, and regress or progress each exercise to suit your strength and fitness ​needs and level.

Our classes cater for males and females and offer different programs every day, so you won’t get bored. 

Conducted in a ​12 Week Program, there are no long term contracts and no joining fees.

As part of all our packages we provide you with a FREE Body Composition Analysis ​at the beginning and end of your program, so there are no ​hidden costs.

​Our packages are the most affordable in the district, offering 3 different packages that you can select from:

  • ​Basic - ​if you just want to add some activity to ​your week, ​and just want to take some time out for you (from $​15.66 per week)
  • Gold - if you want to start building your fitness gradually, and want to start feeling like you again (from $​31.33 per week)
  • Platinum - if you want to make a serious transformation (from $49.91 per week)

Please contact us to have a chat with our friendly customer service ​staff if you aren't sure which package is right for you. They will be more than happy to help you select the perfect package for you and your needs.

​We offer more than just training:


If you would like assistance with improving your nutrition, we offer a great deal of free information online and in the studio for all of our members. We also hold workshops to help build on your learning about healthier choices. If you would like to take your nutrition to the next level and have a personalised nutrition assessment and a personalised meal plan created for you, you can add that to your package. ​If you join as a Platinum member, this comes FREE as part of your package.

​Private Health Insurance:

​We have ​registered with a ​variety of different Health Insurance Providers so you may also be eligible to claim your training on your private health insurance. This will vary of course depending on your level of cover, so please check with your provider to see if ​​you are eligible to access this benefit.

​Kids' Room:

​We are a family based business so we understand that you may have kids and so might need to bring them along; that's perfectly fine! We have a kids' room that is adjacent to the training area, where your kids can play safely and have access to you at all times. There are plenty of toys in there to keep them occupied, including a TV, books and lounging beanbags. We are also pram friendly ​if your little one is too young for the kids' room. This also means that if you have a partner and you would both like to train together, now you can! 

​Satisfaction Guarantee:

​We are so proud of the community we have created and are so confident that you will love it, that we put our money where our mouth is! All of our training comes with a 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

​Don't waste anymore time stressing about how much you miss being you again. Contact us today to book your free trial and see why ​Terrific Fitness are ​and always have been, the best group fitness company around!

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