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Our latest program commenced on the 18th of September, but you can join anytime, and simply pay pro rata!

Tell me more:

Training with Terrific Fitness is like nothing you have ever experienced before. We are not a traditional mainstream gym. We are an exclusive boutique studio and pride ourselves on our personalised service whether it be in our Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Workshops, Seminars or one on one Consults.

Functional Training has become extremely popular these days because it is extremely effective. So much so, we have been conducting this sort of training for over 7 years! It’s awesome that the rest of society has finally caught on.

*We are and always will be, the leaders in Group Fitness, because we have a tried and tested 100% Proven Success System.

*We offer a range of classes to suit all interests, body types and fitness goals. Our training methodology regardless of the class you participate in is scientifically proven. It helps improve your basal metabolic rate, strength, conditioning and fitness. And best of all, it helps your body continue to burn energy up to 24-48 hours after the session has completed.

How does is work?

Our Training Rounds run for 12 weeks, in a progression system, so they advance your strength and fitness from week to week, regardless of the classes. You can join at any point throughout the 12 weeks. You work at your pace and continue to advance your strength and fitness level each week.

If you are joining from the beginning of the round, you will be invited to an Orientation Night the week before the official week 1 of the training round. Here you will have the opportunity to meet all the staff, and ask any questions you may have. We will also conduct a comprehensive Body Composition Analysis (scroll down for details) and take your profile photos. We kick off training the following week.

At the end of the 12 weeks we invite you back for a reassessment of your Body Composition Analysis and take your progress photos.

What does my membership include?

We offer 3 different packages to accommodate for everyone’s needs; Basic, Gold and Platinum (details below). With each package you receive a comprehensive Body Composition Analysis at the beginning and end of the training round, access to our Body Sculpting Transformation Manual (details below), priority booking and member discounted rates to our Nutrition Consultations, Nutrition Sessions, Seminars and Workshops. You also have free access to our kids’ play room if you need, access to our secret Facebook Support group, and our smart phone app.

Depending on your Health Insurance Policy, you may also qualify for Health Care Rebates for your group fitness training.

There are NO joining fees, NO long-term contracts, and NO added membership fees.

How do I become a member?

It’s so easy!

Simply click on your favorite training package below, fill in the registration form and we’ll take care of the rest. Please include as much detail about any restrictions or limitations that your health care professional may have set, previous injuries or any other medical conditions so that we can ensure you train for success, but do so safely. We want to really get to know you, so please provide as much detail as possible about your goals and what specifically you would like to achieve through training with Terrific Fitness.

Once we receive your registration form, you will receive a ‘Welcome’ email, with your log in details to our online booking system, so you can cancel and reschedule classes if you need. You will also receive an invitation to our Orientation night, and the first chapter of the Body Sculpting Transformation Manual.

What if I don’t like it?

We offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t enjoy training us, we simply issue you with a full refund of your training fees.

Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis:

You need to know what your starting point is so that you can identify your progress properly. It’s not always about the scales or centimeters. Your Body Composition Analysis will give you a report that identifies the following data:

  • Your weight
  • Full body girth measurements
  • Body fat percentage and body fat mass
  • Visceral fat rating and risk analysis (this is the dangerous fat that accumulates around the organs)
  • Muscle mass percentage
  • Water mass percentage
  • Bone mass percentage
  • Metabolic age versus your biological age
  • Basal Metabolic Rate; the daily minimum level of energy or calories your body requires when at rest (otherwise known as your metabolism)
  • Segmented body fat percentage (core, arms and legs)
  • Body Mass Index (A standardised ratio of weight to height, used as a general indicator of health.)
  • Blood pressure reading

Body Sculpting Transformation Manual :

You will also receives our comprehensive transformation program that covers absolutely everything you need to know about transforming your body once and for all! Learn how to be the master of your body and life with this powerful manual. And if you are a Platinum member, you will also receive a FREE copy of Terri's published book "Unleashed the Best Version of You". The Body Sculpting Transformation Manual contains:

  • The Master Meal Planner
  • Pantry Make Over
  • Fridge/Freezer Make Over
  • Body Sculpting Recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Post Shopping Prep Tips
  • Hydration Pack
  • The truth about Supplements
  • Fitness Testing
  • Weekly strategies on Mindset
  • Weekly Goal Setting Strategies
  • Weekly advice & challenges on Nutrition
  • Weekly Home Exercise Challenge for beginners, intermediate & Advanced
  • Weekly Muscle Recovery advice
  • Weekly progress tracking
  • Weekly Success Celebrations
  • 24/7 Online Support

Training Packages:

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$188.00$33 per fortnight

    • 1 Session Per Week

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$599.00$105 per fortnight

    • Unlimited sessions each week
    • Copy of "Unleash the Best Version of You" Book

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