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Round 1 kicked off on the 29th of January 2018, but you can still join anytime and only pay for the remainder of the 12 weeks!

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About Terrific Fitness:

Terrific Fitness is an exclusive training studio that offers Group Fitness and Personal Training.

We are and always will be, the leaders in Group Fitness, because we have a tried and tested 100% Proven Success System.

*We offer a range of classes to suit all interests, body types and fitness goals. Our classes are all scientifically and clinically proven. They are designed to improve your metabolism (Basal Metabolic Rate), strength, and fitness, and best of all, they help your body continue to burn energy up to 24-48 hours after the session has completed, which helps in fat loss.

A family run business we have been around for over 7 years. Our experience and results speak for themselves. Training with Terrific Fitness is like nothing you have ever experienced before. We are a very close knit community that pride ourselves on personal service for each and every one of our members. We know every single member my name, their health, any injuries or restrictions, and their individual goals. When you train with Terrific Fitness you are always treated as a person, not a number.

Your 12 Week Program Includes:

  • A 12 Week Progression Program improving your strength and fitness from week to week by advancing the training routine throughout the 12 weeks.
  • Each class is designed to cater for all fitness levels and provide alternative options for people with injuries or restrictions. We offer personalised service, even within our groups. All of our coaches are Rehabilitation Accredited and so can help manage and improve injuries or restrictions.
  • We offer FREE Body Composition Analysis at the beginning and end of every 12 week cycle. These assessments provide you with a great deal of data to help you understand exactly how your body is responding to your training routine. (Scroll down for more details on this service, valued at $40 per assessment.)
  • You create a ‘Goal Card’ to help your motivation and dedication, which is reviewed each week and promoted to the ‘completed wall’ as you achieve each goal. You then create a new goal, to help your progress.
  • We take progress photos at the beginning and the end of the 12 week cycle as another means of identifying progress.
  • Designed in 12 week cycles to help you manage your progress in a bite size program that is not overwhelming. It increases success rates and keeps motivation elevated. With no long term contracts, and no joining fees, it is a program that genuinely focuses on the success of our members.
  • You can join any time and only pay for the weeks remaining in the cycle. When you join part way through, we adjust the training intensity accordingly for you.
  • We have a kids’ room that is fully stocked with toys, books, coloring material, TV and Foxtel, that our members can access for FREE. As we are a family business we understand the importance of being able to bring your children to training, if required.
  • When training with Terrific Fitness you may be eligible to claim your training fees with your Private Health Insurance, depending on your policy. We have provider numbers with NIB and AHM and can also be claimed with all other Health Insurance depending on your cover and their individual assessment on eligibility.
  • As a member of our Group Fitness Program you also have access to book in with our Certified Nutrition Counselor, at member rates.
  • You have the option of choosing one of three packages, and a range of classes to select from, to cater for your individual needs. For more information on classes, packages and prices, download the registration form below.
  • To become a member, you simply complete the registration form and return it to us in person, fax, or email and we will get you started. Please include as much detail regarding any restrictions or limitations that your health care professional may have set, previous injuries or any other medical conditions so that we can ensure you train for success, but do so safely. We want to really get to know you, so please provide as much detail as possible about your goals and what specifically you would like to achieve through training with Terrific Fitness.
  • We also offer a 100% unconditional satisfaction money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy after you join. We are so confident in our program we put our money where our mouth is.

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Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis:

You need to know what your starting point is so that you can identify your progress properly. It’s not always about the scales or centimeters. Your Body Composition Analysis will give you a report that identifies the following data:

  • Your weight
  • Full body girth measurements
  • Body fat percentage and body fat mass
  • Visceral fat rating and risk analysis (this is the dangerous fat that accumulates around the organs)
  • Muscle mass
  • Water mass
  • Bone mass
  • Metabolic age versus your biological age – this is the rate at which your body is aging, not the years since you have been born
  • Basal Metabolic Rate – the daily minimum level of energy or calories your body requires when at rest, otherwise known as your metabolism. This is important so we can establish how many calories you as an individual requires each day, in line with your age, activity level, body composition, gender etc. This helps us determine if you are under or over eating and how to adjust it to achieve your goals.
  • Where you store the most adipose tissue and what this could mean for your hormones function.
  • Body Mass Index – q standardised ratio of weight to height, used as a general indicator of health.
  • Blood pressure reading

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