“Lean For Life” Program

This program is part of our 12 Week Challenge. Click here for more information on this

The “Lean For Life” program is a group coaching and support program helping people improve their nutrition, for life. An excellent addition to support any health and fitness journey.

  • Meet for an hour a week, over a period of 12 weeks.Lean for life 2
  • Be coached and supported by our Certified Nutrition Counselor.
  • Be empowered with a range of Cheat Sheets and other tools to help you make wiser food choices.
  • Learn to eat without counting calories, no weighing food, no deprivation and no starving yourself.
  • For just $16.50 per week, this program includes:
    • How to get started on making changes to your nutrition
    • Emotional eating and self-sabotage
    • Sugar, sweeteners and fruit
    • Deciphering between good and bad fats
    • Allergies and food intolerances
    • Cheat Sheets and Recipes
    • Building a healthy plate
    • Organisation and meal planning
    • Healthy swaps
    • Sometimes food
    • Entertaining and eating out
    • Shopping trip
    • A FREE copy of “Unleash the Best of You”

Join the 12 Week Challenge & Get “Lean For Life”

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Join the 12 Week Challenge & Get “Lean For Life”