Body Sculpting Transformation Master Class

The Body sculpting Transformation Master Class is a collection of sessions that give you the tools for a permanent body transformation.

When you are desperate to transform your body you can often do more damage than good if you lack the right resources.

Exercising without a proper recover plan can lead to long term joint, bone and muscular damage which can stop you from exercising altogether.

When you don’t eat the right nutrients for an active body, your muscles wear away, which can lead to more fat storage, brittle bones, heart issues and other long term health issues.

Choosing the wrong training method for you as an individual reduces fat burning, prevents toning, loss of motivation, and even health issues such as Adrenal Fatigue.

Imagine putting in all that hard work, training hard and eating what you think is the right way, only to find yourself getting sick constantly, having constant aches and pains, not losing fat and basically feeling like you are getting nowhere fast. You start to feel disheartened, you back off, lose motivation, you give up. Then you start to feel guilty, which leads to emotional binge eating and off you go again on that vicious cycle, putting you right back where you started, or worst.

In the Body Sculpting Transformation Master Class you will learn how to turn your body into a lean mean fat burning machine, whilst building beautiful toned muscles that will support and strengthen your bones, and improve your health.

You will try a range of training methods which will help you identify the right exercise for you personally to help you become fitter, stronger, leaner, healthier and happier.

You will learn how to look after your body keeping it pain free, so you can exercise without restrictions and progress quickly with your strength and fitness.

Be open to learning new things. Register now and pay only $47 with our Early Bird Special.

The Master Class is a bit like a warm bubble bath. You pour in the warm water, add the bubbles, some essential oils, dim the lights, light some candles, and gently sink into the soothing warmth of the water. The longer you soak the better you will feel. That’s what will happen with our Master Class. As you start implementing everything you learn, practice on a daily basis, just like a warm bath, once you have truly submerged yourself, you will feel incredible.  You will look in the mirror and feel confident and proud and think “Wow, I did this!” And that incredible feeling is infectious. The better you feel, the better you will want to feel. And you will keep going until you become a master at feeling amazing each and every day of your life.

Valued at $197.00


Early Bird $47.00

(Price after early bird period expires will increase to $97.00)

Master Class Schedule:

Welcome -

Founder of Terrific Fitness and Senior Master Coach, Terri Batsakis, will be welcoming and briefing you on how the day will run

Pilates -

Coach Tania will be kicking off the day with a 30 minute training session to get the blood flowing and the brain cells firing. No better way to start the day than by connecting your body and mind

Mindset -

Now that your body and mind are connected, Coach Terri will get you all fired up, tapping into your internal motivation, drive and passion, helping you establish a way to stay motivated and driven at all times

FITNESS Circuit -

Coach Rachel will be using that new found motivation to get you moving and challenging yourself in a 45 minute training session. This circuit will cover various training methods including functional training, strength, agility, plyometrics, tummy, hips and thigh and cardio

Hello Body -

Coach Terri will introduce you to your body from a whole new angle. Which muscles are strong, which are weak, how to deal with aches and pains and how to help move your body to the next level of physical freedom

Barre Sculpt -

Now that you have officially met your body on a whole new level, Coach Lisa will spend 30 minutes showing you how to sculpt your body using dynamic movements inspired by dance, yoga and Pilates. Make sure you have your sweat towel handy

Smart way to eat Carbs -

Nutrition Coach Dani, explains how to eat your carbs so that you can build lean muscle and burn fat more efficiently. Carbs are not the enemy! If you eat them right, you will be a lean mean fat burning machine in no time!

C30 -

Coach Theo will introduce you to a 30 minute cardio workout that will have you loving cardio again! C30 is a short sharp session that gets the blood flowing, the sweat dripping and the fat screaming! And the best part is, it doesn't matter how unfit or fit you are, everyone works at their own pace!

Putting it all together -

Coach Terri will bring it all together to get you started on the next chapter of your journey so can you Unleash the Best Version of You!


Bookings are essential, and places are limited!

When: Sunday 9th of July 2017

Where: Terrific Fitness Studio - 2/5 Danaher Drive, South Morang 3752

Time: 8:45am - 5:30pm

What to bring: Enthusiasm, notebook and pen, loads of food, training attire, a sweat towel or two, and some warm clothes to wear for the non-training sessions (NB: We do have fridge facilities, but we do not have microwave facilities)

Valued at $197.00


Early Bird $47.00

(Price after early bird period expires will increase to $97.00)