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As part of your training membership, we offer you a FREE Orientation and Pre-assessment with our Body Composition Analysis on Wednesday the 13th of September 2017 from 7:00-9:00pm. This will be held at our Wellness Studio, Factory 2/5 Danaher Drive South Morang 3752. We are situated right behind Cafe Saffron. From May to September, please dress warm when attending Orientation Night. Watch this video for directions on how to get to our studio: 

Please enter through the door on the right hand side of the roller door as you are looking at it.

Please text Admin on 0429 320 511 if you are unable to attend, so we know who to expect.

Orientation & Body Composition Analysis:

You need to know what your starting point is so that you can identify your progress properly. It's not always about the scales or centimeters. Your Body Composition Analysis will give you a report that identifies the following data:

  • Your weight
  • Full body girth measurements
  • Body fat percentage and body fat mass
  • Visceral fat rating and risk analysis (this is the dangerous fat that accumulates around the organs)
  • Muscle mass percentage
  • Water mass percentage
  • Bone mass percentage
  • Metabolic age versus your biological age
  • Basal Metabolic Rate; the daily minimum level of energy or calories your body requires when at rest (otherwise known as your metabolism)
  • Segmented body fat percentage (core, arms and legs)
  • Body Mass Index (A standardised ratio of weight to height, used as a general indicator of health.)
  • Blood pressure reading


Body Sculpting Transformation Manual contains:

You will also receives our comprehensive transformation program that covers absolutely everything you need to know about transforming your body once and for all! Learn how to be the master of your body and life with this powerful manual. And if you are a Platinum member, you will also receive a FREE copy of Terri's published book "Unleashed the Best Version of You". The Body Sculpting Transformation Manual contains:

  • The Master Meal Planner
  • Pantry Make Over
  • Fridge/Freezer Make Over
  • Body Sculpting Recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Post Shopping Prep Tips
  • Hydration Pack
  • The truth about Supplements
  • Fitness Testing
  • Weekly strategies on Mindset
  • Weekly Goal Setting Strategies
  • Weekly advice & challenges on Nutrition
  • Weekly Home Exercise Challenge for beginners, intermediate & Advanced
  • Weekly Muscle Recovery advice
  • Weekly progress tracking
  • Weekly Success Celebrations
  • 24/7 Online Support

Pilates Attendees:

When attending Pilates classes please ensure you bring a pillow and blanket with you to every class for the relaxation component at the very end.

NB: The door locks at 8:45pm sharp, so please don't be late as you will miss out.

Compulsory Orientation Video:

In order to make the session more efficient we have recorded a video that contains information on Terri Batsakis, the founder of Terrific Fitness, and information on how our we run, what is expected of you, what you can expect from us, what to bring with you to training and much much more. We suggest you watch the videos in full, so that you know exactly what is going on, otherwise you will be very lost. If you have any questions, write them down and bring them with you to Orientation so we can answer them for you; that's one of the benefits of this evening.

We make the assumption that you have watched the videos prior to the Orientation night and commencing training; we do not cover any of that information any other time, so viewing these videos is vital.

Cardio Boxing Participants:

boxing wraps - websiteboxing wraps 2For those of you participating in Boxing classes, please note that it is compulsory that you wear boxing wraps to all classes. There are 2 sorts you can choose from. Refer to the images for examples of hand wraps.

Booking & Rescheduling Your Classes Online:

You are able to log into Mindbody and reschedule your own classes, and book in for any of our other services, online. In order to be able to book online as a member, you will need to follow the procedure in this video. Otherwise you won't be able to book in.


Terri Batsakis, founder of Terrific Fitness:

An finally, below you will find a video with Terri's story, our founder of Terrific Fitness. Watch this and you will understand exactly why we do what we do 🙂

We look forward to meeting you all (if we haven’t already) and helping you towards your goals.


(also shows their journey)


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