Transformation – Pavlina Markoski

Pavlina - before and after*Pav’s story is amazing not just because of the visible changes that she has made to her body, but more so about the emotional and mental changes that she has made, and the impact strong positive impact she has on others. Pav came to Circuit class (or Boot Camp as it was known when she joined) extremely hesitant, shy and quiet. She is now one of our strongest, fittest members, who has formed some super strong bonds, very social and a huge inspiration to other members. She has even inspired 2 of her friends to join her, who are also seeing some serious results as a result of Pav’s recommendation, inspiration and encouragement. Pav never complains, even though she has one of the best ‘excuses’ and could get away with it; she just doesn’t use it. She always puts in 110% and pushes herself beyond her limits, always opting for the more challenging options. Pav has changed her body shape so much that she has gone from a size 10 to a size 6; they are the visible changes. The best changes are the ones you can’t see with your eyes. Let’s hear from Pav:

“My reason for joining Terrific Fitness was not about losing weight. For me it was about gaining strength and making sure my partner, my kids and I had the healthiest version of me that I could possibly provide.

Whilst I never struggled deeply with my weight I went through periods of eating what I thought was relatively healthy food and would maintain a healthy weight and then go through periods of having potato cakes for breakfast and gain weight that was just too much for my frame. I did however struggle with committing to any form of exercise or sport. Even as a child I would go as far as to say I hated it. I was unfit and weak. I would pay for a year’s worth of gym membership and the only value I would get out of it was the free sweat towel they’d give me.

In 2002 I was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder. My body took an absolute battering and I now faced physical limitations. It took me until March of 2013 to do something about regaining some health and strength.

I heard about TF through a friend who was doing their “boot camps”. I had never taken part in circuit training and was terrified about whether my body could handle it. After filling out the registration forms every part of me wanted to back out. I initially signed up for Saturday morning boot camp. I didn’t think it was enough to make a physical difference but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with too many classes and then not turn up.

I distinctly remember not being able to move the morning after my first round of boot camp. Every muscle in my body was sore and fatigued. In the weeks to follow I found it difficult to finish a round but I forced myself to attend each Saturday morning. I formed friendships and actually looked forward to going. When I had my first measurement I wasn’t expecting that 1 hour of exercise per week would make a difference but I lost centimetres.

With the completion of each round I felt stronger, leaner and fitter.

I read Terri’s E-Book a few times before I fully understood the benefits of cutting out all processed food, introducing good fats and being organised enough to follow a clean eating regime.  Once you sort out what you will and will not eat the results are ten-fold.

I slowly increased the number of classes and am currently doing 4 classes per week. Two of my work mates have joined so it makes each lunch time at work easier as I have like-minded people around me to prepare food and complete our challenges.

Today I feel like I have conquered my hate of exercise. I love going to classes, catching up with my group, talking to the trainers and feeling like I have accomplished my goals. My partner is proud of me, my kids and family are proud of me and more importantly I am proud of myself.

My advice to anyone thinking of joining is to not be afraid. We all have limitations of some sort, some worse than others but if you can improve your body one hour at a time than do it because the results and benefits you reap outweigh any temporary sweating and burning you may feel!”   –  Pavlina Markoski, South Morang 


*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer