Personal Training

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People struggle with their weight and self-esteem. We help you get to, and stay at, your ideal weight so you can have more confidence and energy to lead a healthier and more vibrant life.*

We pride ourselves on results driven excellent service. At Terrific Fitness we empower you with education on diet and exercise because knowledge is key to lifelong changes. The proof is in our results.

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At your first Personal Training session we sit down and discuss exactly what you want to achieve through Personal Training. We conduct a complete movement pattern and postural analysis to assess your body’s abilities and/or restrictions, so we can personally design the best programs for your body. We go through a complete health evaluation to ensure that we keep you safe at all times. We then conduct a Body Composition Analysis to determine your body fat %, muscle mass %, basal metabolic rate (how much energy your body requires at resting state to function), your basal metabolic age and visceral fat level (visceral fat is the dangerous fat that settles around your organs).  All of this information is then utilised to determine the best nutrition and supplements for you. These assessments are regularly reviewed and used to determine adjustments and progression to your Personal Training Program.

During the Personal Training program you receive personalised programs, nutrition and supplement advice and mindset coaching to help with your lifelong lifestyle changes.

Included in Your Personal Training Package:

  • Complete Health Evaluation
  • Movement pattern and Postural Analysis and Correction
  • Ongoing Progress Assessments
  • Progress Photos
  • Regular Body Composition Analysis
  • 12 Weekly Assessment Report, detailing all progress; measurements, Body Composition Analysis, progress photos, strength and fitness progress, and goal kicking
  • Personally Tailored Training Package with personalized programs; no cut and paste template programs that are common in the industry
  • Gym or home programs to supplement your training
  • Nutrition and Supplement advice
  • Mindset Coaching
  • FREE “Food to eat for weight loss” eBook
  • FREE “Terrific Recipes” eBook
  • FREE "Body Sculpting Recipes" eBook
  • FREE “Unleash the Best Version of You” printed book
  • 24/7 online team support
  • Exclusive Access to the Terrific Fitness Facebook Support Group
  • Exclusive Access to the Terrific Fitness App
  • Exclusive Access to the Terrific Fitness Cheat Sheets

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