Tania Passeri – Master Coach

Specializes in: Strength & Conditioning Training, Weight Loss, Rehab, Mobility & Functional Movement, Boxing, Body Composition Analysis

tania passeri - 13-10-15

Tania has been overweight for most of her adult life. In August 2013 Tania decided that she needed to do something about her weight and more importantly her health. Weighing in at 103kgs Tania was the biggest she had ever been. Tania originally joined Terrific Fitness as a client training one night a week as part of Terrific Fitness circuit class. Over that time she made significant changes to her nutrition with the help of Terri and increased her training schedule to include more circuit classes, core connection and boxing. She soon started to see some amazing results. In February 2014 Tania received profile of the month at Terrific Fitness and quickly learnt that what she was doing for herself was in fact inspiring others. That’s when Tania knew she wanted to help others feel as amazing as she did.

Tania has lost 25kgs. She is now a happy, confident and active 29 year old who loves everything about life. Getting up in the morning is no longer a challenge because every day brings something new and exciting. Life is amazing when you’re happy, you love who you are and you’re healthy.

Tania gained such a passion for training that she decided to enroll in a personal training course with the Australian Institute of Fitness. As soon as she started this course she knew that she had made the right decision. She realized that one day she would be able to help change lives the way that hers had been changed! And now, that’s what she’s doing.

“Being happy and liking who you are is the ultimate end product of any journey, the loss of kilo and centimeters are just an added bonus.” – Tania Passeri


  • Certified Master Trainer holding a Certificate III in Fitness – Gym Instructor
  • Certified Master Trainer holding a Certificate IV in Fitness – Personal Trainer
  • Current Senior First Aid Certification
  • Boxing Instructor Level 1 & Advanced
  • Crank It Connect Training
  • Level 1 Wellness Coaching
  • Mobility & Functional Movement
  • Rehabilitation
  • Metabolic Nutrition Expert
  • Body Composition Analysis

Personal Profile:

  • Favorite Food: Bacon, Eggs and Avocado!
  • Favorite Drink: Coffee
  • Favorite Music: Anything I can dance to
  • Favorite Movie: Sex and the City
  • Likes: Warm Weather, Jogging on the beach and Fresh Air
  • Dislikes: Public Speaking
  • Hobbies: Training, Calisthenics and spending time with Family and Friends
  • Who Inspires You: My Family and My trainer, Terri 🙂
  • Life Philosophy: “Anything is achievable; you just have to want it bad enough.”