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Terrific Recipes NEWTerri Batsakis, founder of Terrific Fitness, understand the difficulty in managing a busy work/life balance, fitting in family, work, studies etc. Working 60-80 hours per week, she certainly has no time to spare, slaving away in the kitchen. She values good nutritious food for her family and know that fresh is best.

So Terri has put together a collection of the recipes she cooks for her family on a daily basis, that are quick and simple, but taste delicious, and even satisfy the fussy eaters, her kids and husband.

64 recipes in all, her book Terrific Recipes covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert.

Terri has included real life images of her food, to show what each meal should look like in real life, rather than hiring a food technician and photographer. She wanted to show that anyone can cook these meals, no matter how new they are to the kitchen. So the images you see, are her real life meals.

All recipes are gluten free and some are dairy free or can be adapted for dairy free.

Meals are:

* Super simple and quick to prepare

* They don’t make you feel deprived or leave you feeling hungry

* You can prepare and freeze them for a rainy day

* Meals that the whole family can enjoy

This is just a taste of what people are already saying about “Terrific Recipes”:

*”This book is my food bible!” – Kathrine Rafferty

*“My kids love cooking some of the recipes.” – Angelique Soritis

*“The banana bread rocks!” – Emily Squires

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