Transformation – Amanda Princi

Amanda Princi - before and afterAmanda joined Terrific Fitness in September 2012. Since joining Terrific Fitness Amanda has dropped 5kg, 2 dress sizes, which equates to 6cm around her waist and 6cm around her hips. In her words:

*“My life has always been hectic I’m a workaholic!! The difference now is that I take time out for myself so I can look and feel good about myself. Before Terrific Fitness my fitness was really poor and with my ankle issues I couldn’t walk 500 meters without limping, I had PCOS and my periods and hormones were stuffed. Putting on weight made me hate what I saw in the mirror and I was losing my confidence to dress up and go out. I had been a size 8 to 10 for years and then all of a sudden I was a 14!! Being a perfectionist and control freak this was hard to swallow and I was starting to give up (I’ve never given up on anything!!)

I have changed my eating habits, I took it slow making changes my motto is to get 1% better every day with what I eat so that I could get used to not having the foods I was craving. I don’t eat sugar any more and it even tastes yuck now if someone makes me a coffee with it! I don’t eat rice bread, pasta, flour or anything like that, I don’t eat potatoes (that one was the hardest, I used to eat chips everyday). I am more conscious about what I eat and it gets easier as time goes on, I don’t need a diet or meal plan there are just foods I do eat and foods I don’t and I like to take the challenge of making health clean food that tastes just as good as the crap I was eating before.

I’m different today because I feel like my own confident self again!! I get my periods on time and they only last for four days and I can walk without constant pain!! I’m happier and I actually like training. I’m glad it’s brought me closer to Rach too (my sister-in-law that I train with); I couldn’t do it without her!!

I feel that I still have some work to do and some days I can’t see the change but I am more determined to succeed and I know that I can get there trying on clothes that are smaller give me a real confidence boost and I’m heaps happier now!!

What keeps me coming back? I’m determined to be the best can be, I just want to be healthy and fit so I can be a good example for my sister. I enjoy being a role model for others and I need to lead by example!! It also encourages me to get out of work earlier. I never want to feel fat and horrible again; I’m too awesome for that!!

I would say that nothing worth doing was ever easy! It doesn’t matter what has happened to you, it’s how you deal with it that defines you, and Terrific Fitness has helped me live and breath that!! Don’t be scared; the team at Terrific Fitness, are the most dedicated and professional group of trainers you’ll ever meet and can help you with any goal you want to achieve, you just need to want it enough and they’ll drive you to succeed!!”

Amanda Princi – Epping

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