Transformation – Amelia Kolev

Amelia Kolev - as at 22-01-16*When Amelia first started with Terrific Fitness she was not very enthusiastic in attending her training session feeling as though it was an inconvenient chore that she had to get through. She looked for opportunities to stop training or take the less complex options to try and lighten up the workload. Today she always goes for the more difficult or complex options, pushing herself above and beyond. She is always willing to give anything a go and tackle every exercise with determination and passion. She is a little machine! She simply puts her head down and bum up and gets to it, no excuses. Her fitness and strength is incredible compared to when she first started. I am so super impressed and proud! Not to mention how far she has come in her physical appearance, with leaning up and toning up. Absolutely brilliant effort!!!

Amelia has lost a total of 76cm from around her body with 21.5cm being from her waist alone! She has taken every step she needed to in order for her to progress through her journey, including attending workshops, reading information given out by her coaches, attending specialists as required and really being proactive about her life and her changes. A massive congratulations to Amelia for her progress! She is a huge inspiration to women everywhere!

Let’s hear from Amelia:

“Before starting with Terrific Fitness I didn’t care too much about my health just accepted it for what it was, having had 2 kids was my excuse for being overweight and happy to continue the way I was peaking at size 14. Had low self-esteem, hated shopping for clothes because nothing seemed to fit and I didn’t feel comfortable in anything nice. Constantly tired chasing kids and lacked motivation to do anything other than what I had to including exercise.

I eventually got to a point after my second child that I thought enough was enough and I had to do something about it so when a friend invited me along to Terrific Fitness I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

Initially had to motivate myself to go to the sessions and also work hard during them but now look forward to working out each week so much that I’ve booked in for a second session each week.

The biggest changes I’ve made to my eating habits is cutting out junk foods, processed foods, gluten, cut back on sugar and try to eat real food. I’ve also started growing my own veggies.

I’ve been with Terrific Fitness about 2 years.  I now have much more energy, motivation and self-confidence. I get quite a few compliments now too. I feel great about myself now especially after seeing the before picture.

[When asked “What really gets you out of your comfy lounge to attend training?”] At first my husband, but now I really feel the need to get out and exercise.

[When asked “What would you say to someone thinking of getting started with Terrific Fitness?”] Stop making excuses, get off your arse and do it!” – Amelia Kolev, Bundoora

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