Transformation – Amy Garraway

Profile of the month for the month of May is our beautiful Amy Garraway. Amy contacted Terrific Fitness in January, desperate and disheartened, and committed to having weight loss surgery. I spent quite some time on the phone with Amy to really understand what was going on with her emotional and physical state to make sure that we could in fact help her. After establishing exactly what she needed and what her current situation was, I knew from the bottom of my heart we could turn her life around and prevent her from having to go down the life threatening path of weight loss surgery. I made a commitment to her there and then that we could and would help her.

Amy has worked closely with Coach Lisa in PT and attended her classes. She listened to everything we, her coaches, advised her and took in all the information like a sponge, asking lots of questions. I love people that ask questions. Questions are how people learn.

Amy took to her training like a duck to water and gave nutrition her best shot. At the beginning she was a little overwhelmed, as we all are, but after a week or so, she started really getting it and became a wiz and meal prepping, and staying organised. She was on the ball!

Amy is an extremely social butterfly, always smiling and chirpy and brightening up the place immensely. She is a sheer joy to be around. You can really see her beautiful spirit shine now, as her confidence grows.

Amy has successfully dropped 11.5kg since commencing on the 29th of January, with 7.6kg of that being pure body fat! That equates to 15cm from her waist and 6cm from her hips in just 12 weeks! Absolutely brilliant results! That’s what happens when someone is 11/10 committed!

Amy, I for one am ridiculously proud of you and how far you have come! That desperate, emotional young woman I spoke with back in January is a distant memory now. I am truly grateful that you listened, trusted and put your faith in us after our chat, and decided against surgery, because it has certainly paid off for you! Thank you for trusting my judgement. You truly are an inspiration to everyone around you, and an amazing role model to your little spunk!

Here is Amy’s story, in her words:

“Being overweight for the past 5 years has certainly played a massive role on my self-esteem, increased depression to Post Natal Depression (PND) after the birth of my son. I had never used any other type of fitness equipment except a treadmill in my life, I couldn’t do a push up let alone sit up and sitting at size 20, the biggest I’ve ever been, took a massive toll not only on my physical and mental state but my relationship. 

A week prior to gastric surgery, something inside me said to give ‘dieting’ one last shot, compared to always doing yo-yo diets for 5 years, which clearly hasn’t worked, I googled South Morang gyms and contacted Terrific Fitness. 

I contacted Terrific Fitness because of the family structure type feel I got from the website and the warmth I felt speaking to Terri on the phone, she could hear I had nothing left inside me, that I had run out of ideas on how to change.  

I enrolled in 2 PT sessions and 2 classes per week, and am still doing that now. I actually eat nutritional foods now, vegetables were not a part of my family’s foods. I prep meals, which never happened. And I understand portion control now.  

I’ve been with Terrific Fitness for ONLY 3 months and my life is so different! Where do I begin! From the weight dropping intensively, I finally have upper body strength for the first time in my entire life, my physical and mental health is amazing, from the amount of energy I now have, I haven’t had a depression episode since starting at Terrific Fitness and I would have them weekly, my daily struggle with heartburn has subsided enormously, my relationship is a lot closer seeing as I feel better about myself and look forward to wearing a fitted wedding dress in December. 

[How do you feel about yourself today?] This sentence going through my head, a tear falls down my face. For 5 years I wanted to feel good about myself again, I was so over being an emotional eater, it had become a pattern, from being depressed that I was overweight, to eating chocolate to curb the depression, it was a cycle that over the years was just getting worse. Because of Terrific Fitness, not only am I a much happier, confident version of myself, I am finally a worthy mother to my son, who deserved someone who could chase after him and have the energy to put his needs first.  

[What really gets you out of your comfy lounge to attend training?] My own time, a break from reality, the feeling I get the moment I step out of gym, the release of endorphins, makes the struggle during the exercises worth it every single session.  

Having been a plus size woman and endless list of issues – heartburn, depression, etc. I am a mother, I work full time and multiple side jobs, and joining Terrific Fitness was the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. Which for starters a lot of women have issues spending money on themselves, but by doing this I’ve changed for my entire family and myself, I am a much better version of myself and a much better mother now. Terrific Fitness have their ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’ for a reason. I joined because I had nothing left to lose, I hated what I saw in the mirror and now I love clothes shopping, I am finally not the fat friend!

3 months ago Terrific Fitness changed my entire being, from personal training, fitness classes and a seminar, I’ve become an inspiration to my family and friends and have never looked better. 2 years straight the only option I thought I had left was weight loss surgery because of the size I had become, being 24 years old, Terrific Fitness believed in me more than I believed in myself. People see gyms as an expense they just can’t afford, but it was an expense for me that saved my life and my family.

It seems when you have a child, for some women, you lose parts of who you are, that you actually had a personality before having a child and had wants and needs, for me to be a good mum, I had to start taking care of me again, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Terrific Fitness has brought so much happiness, strength and amazing changes to my life – BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE
. – Amy Garraway, South Morang

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer