Transformation – Ange Kalaitzis

ange-kalaitzis-as-at-24-09-16*When Ange first joined TF, she couldn’t get down onto the floor without assistance and now she is literally bounding and leaping! The physical change is phenomenal, but the growth and change within is the most incredible; Ange has come so far in her confidence, her determination and her inspiring motivation. When she comes to class, any class, she is always 100% present and dedicated working her hardest, even if she isn’t feeling it that day. Ange never lets excuses get the better of her and she never does anything half-arsed.  Ange has lost a total of 111.5cm from around her body with 23.5cm from around her waist and 16.5cm from her hips. I can’t express how proud I am of this very determined young lady. From a shy, quiet woman that entered our doors 21 months ago, Ange has evolved into a chirpy, bubbly and social butterfly. Last TF Christmas party, Ange was voted ‘Member of the Year’ by our members, for being the most inspiring member. You see, the changes in Ange, have not just effected Ange; they have affected the entire TF community, her family and her friends. Her enthusiasm for life now is very infectious and she motivates and inspires people all around her.

Ange is the perfect example, why you should never give up.  To help her along her way, Ange has ensured that she read all the information we share with our members on nutrition, lifestyle, self-esteem and exercise. She attends all of her classes, even if she has to reschedule. She has attended every workshop we conduct to ensure that she covers everything, and leaves no stone unturned. Ange has been and continues to be, the perfect student, soaking in knowledge wherever possible. She is the quote “Knowledge is Power” personified! Go Ange!!!! Here is Ange’s story:

“Before TF I had tried every single diet, shakes, calorie counting known to man! Nothing seemed to work, all I wanted was to look, but most of all, feel good about myself. I would long for the day that I could go shopping with friends and actually be able to try clothes on and not be the baby sitter because I was a size 26 and only had the option of a couple of shops to choose from. I would open a whole packet of chips and not care because I was overweight anyway what difference would another packet of chips make? Every excuse you could think of to not exercise or eat well…”tomorrow is another day”, “one won’t kill me”, “I’m starting a diet on Monday, so I’m going to enjoy this now”. When I think back to how I was if you told me almost 2 years ago that today in some form I would exercise daily at home or at TF I would have laughed at you. Now I crave it yep that’s right! I Ange Kalaitzis loves to exercise.

So how did I come to the decision that made me change my life for the better? My daughter does calisthenics and one of the girls, Tania who I had not seen in a while, looked amazing and is now a coach. I thought to myself ‘hmm maybe I could do this’, so I asked Tania a few, okay… maybe a lot of questions about her journey and I was so intrigued by her success, and thought ‘maybe this is possible’. I kept messaging her and asking her questions and she said ‘why don’t you come down and check it out?’ ‘Yea I will see’….she didn’t give up on me. So in January my family and I went to Queensland for a week. The first day I spent very down and upset because I had to ask for a belt extension on the plane. I was so embarrassed that I had shown my kids it was okay not to care about yourself. I thought ‘I really need to do something about this’, but I still managed to eat crap and enjoy food that was no good for me; oh how easily I forgot what happened on the plane. So while I was away Tania posted that TF were starting round 1 soon so, I messaged her and said ‘I think I will come see what it’s about’ she said ‘great when you get back fill out the forms and send them back; someone will be in touch’. I got back from holidays and Tania messaged me to see if I had done the forms I said ‘I have completed them but my printer isn’t working so I can’t send them I will just try next round’. I had started with the excuses. To my shock Tania’s reply was ‘that’s okay this is my address slide it under my door and I will bring them in’….dam, I guess I’m doing this now.  I spoke to my sister and she said she would do it with me, so I thought ‘great let’s do it’. Orientation night came and Terri spoke about heaps of things and I remember sitting there saying I might actually be able to do this.

I started my first circuit class at TF in February 2015, and you guessed it I had to sit on the floor and do a specific exercise. I tried so hard and had Terri and Tania by my side as I said I didn’t think I could do it. I needed help to get off the floor; I was so embarrassed to which Terri replied “you are here you are not at home with a packet of Doritos in your hand sitting on the couch are you?”. She was so right “I’m doing this”! I was not pushed and I was always given an option when I couldn’t do something. As time went on I started to eat good food, real food and with exercise and good eating the weight started dropping off. I have been training at TF for almost 2 years and in that time I now can do push ups on the floor on my toes not knees, burpees, chin ups, and sit ups; I never thought it was possible for me to do any of these things but when you set your mind to it and want something so bad you can achieve anything.

My journey is still going but now I don’t say ‘I can’t’ anymore I give everything a try. I found that setting goals was the best thing I could do oh and the best thing was I rewarded myself every time I accomplished a goal (but not with food).  Today I am 40kg lighter and loving life. From a size 26 I’m now down to a 16-18. I can go into a store and try on clothes and feel good about myself. I remember December 2015 I went into a shop with my mum and tried on a top and to my surprise it fit and looked amazing I cried, my mum hugged me and told me how proud she was of me.

I exercise with my kids and have shown them that if you want something go out and get it. Has it been easy? No way! Has it been worth every minute? Bloody oath it has! I rarely cancel my classes but if I do I make sure I make each and every one up. I love and want to train and I am always doing things to keep active. I love what I’m doing and love how I feel. I often get asked ‘how have you done it?’. My reply is ‘I exercise and eat real food’.

I am so happy to be now training with my whole family yes my two kids and husband train with me. We eat well and exercise together. Loving life and loving the changes in me.

To anyone thinking of joining TF go for it! TF has changed my life; I am much healthier, fitter and ready to give anything a go! Thank you Terri and Tania for helping me through this journey. “ – Ange Kalaitzis, Wollert

*Weight Loss & Training Disclaimer