Transformation – Anita Marney

Anita Marney - before and after*This is our stunning and super hard working Anita Marney. I’m so impressed and proud of how far she has come since joining us in June 2013. Aside from the incredible physical changes she has made, the thing that stands out the most is her demeanor in training. When I first started training her, she struggled with each exercise, not necessarily physically, but mentally and emotionally. She complained and groaned and struggled, though always worked her butt off! Her struggle was always verbal it never wavered in your physical commitment.  This is probably why Anita has managed such an awesome transformation over this period of time; through lots of burn, sweat and pain! Now however, there is no complaining, no winging, she just gets on with the job.

Anita has matured so much in her training, commitment and outlook on her healthy lifestyle, it is like talking to a different person. She just gets it. She works harder than ever, pushing herself harder and harder each week, but never complaining about the burn or pain. Anita now accepts it as part of the process and in fact thrives on it!!! I’m crazy impressed and proud, to say the least!

Anita is no longer on any diet, and doesn’t abuse her body to ‘get skinny’. She has adjusted her lifestyle adopting wholesome nutritious food that nourishes her body, and short strength sessions, as the perfect combination for her body.  She has worked out what works for her with the help of her Trainers, her own research, and learning to speak ‘body’. One of the biggest take home messages of Anita’s journey is the importance of taking ownership in one’s development and education, to become empowered with knowledge and make lifestyle permanent changes, rather than following fads. This is the reason that we don’t write meal plans for people at TF. It doesn’t create long lasting permanent changes. Anita listened, asked lots of questions, went off and did her own research, asked more questions, and continues to do all of this, as she knows now that our journeys never end.  Anita you are an inspiration and remarkable role model for young women around the country. You should be extremely proud of yourself because Lord know I am crazy proud of you!!!!

For her efforts and dedication, Anita has dropped total of 55cm, with 12cm being from her waist and 7.5 from her hips. Anita has maintained this now for the last 12 months. Here is Anita’s story:

“As a child/teen I played lots of sport. Netball, soccer and dancing. My joints had always been an issue for me and in high school I had surgery on my knee which put a stop to all my activities for some time. 

In my late teens and early 20’s I felt a lot of pressure to conform to what social media portrayed as beautiful and “healthy”. I have always yo-yo’d with my weight, going from 71kgs down to 60 kgs and every number in between. My problem areas have always been my thighs and butt area, which despite every attempt (so I thought) I just couldn’t tone or lose.  I tried everything from gyms, diets and diet pills… But I was never able to keep any of these things up for more than a few months. I thought cardio would be the answer to my dreams, but it just never seemed to work for me and give me the results I was after. It scares me now to think how uninformed and uneducated in food and how the body works I really was! 

I [joined Terrific Fitness because] got bullied into joining!! Lol. Pav had joined a few months before and swore it was like nothing she had ever done. She basically wore me down until I agreed to go. At this point in my life I had just accepted that I couldn’t shift my weight from my thighs or butt, so I was very hesitant to say the least at trying anything new. It was THE best thing I had ever done! Thanks Pav x

I started off doing Luscious Legs and Tummy Hips and Thighs. 2 x 30 minute classes per week. I complained…A lot!!!!!!! I was so unfit! I struggled, everything hurt, and I could barely hold a squat. Every single exercise was completed with a huff, puff, complaint or eye rolling. I didn’t want to keep at it but I had Pavlina in my ear pushing me forward. Daniel and Terri also offered lots of encouragement… Lord knows I needed it! 

I am very proud to say that my mindset towards exercise has changed. I now look forward to the burn and love pushing myself to my limits. I have learned that for myself cardio training just doesn’t give me the results I want. Strength training is what has transformed and FINALLY shaped my lower half, along with changing my eating habits of course. I definitely credit the legs class for my change. I am VERY sad to see this class no longer available due to lack of interest. 

I started to notice a difference after 2 rounds at TF (12 weeks)… This slight change excited me and I was hungry for more of a change. At this point I decided to change my diet and sort both Daniel and Terri’s advice along with doing a lot of research with Pav at work. I have taken on a clean/ loosely paleo diet. I have cut out all complex carbs being rice, pasta and bread. I do still have gluten free oats and dairy every so often. I haven’t noticed any intolerances in regards to dairy.

[I have been training with TF] Since June 2013 

The most exciting change for me has been my energy levels. I want to get out and do things now, whereas before I would have been happy on the couch watching TV. I feel so much healthier in general, . I’m happier because I’m healthier. I am now aware of what I put into my body and how my body will react to certain things. 

 I feel like I am in a good place. Not just physically but emotionally. I have accepted that there are no short cuts when it comes to your health or body image. You get what you are willing to put in basically.” I have also learned that everybody comes in different shapes and sizes and I need to work with the shape God has given me. Set realistic goals (a size 4 is not one of them in my case). Happiness truly comes from within, just think how boring the world would be if we all looked the same.

When asked “What really gets you out of your comfy lounge to attend training?” Anita responded,

“To be honest, what works for me is not going home after work, lol. I train during the week for that purpose and classes that are directly after work, work best for me. From past experience once I was at home, it was way too easy for me to come up with every excuse under the sun not to leave again.

These classes have been the only things so far that have worked for me. Having that personalised training experience and also being able to talk to your trainer about concerns and diet issues has also been a major plus! I would also like to encourage everyone to give strength training a go. If you have been doing cardio based training and are struggling to see the results you want I highly recommend Legs and Tummy Hips and Thighs classes! Feeling that burn in your muscles is hard work but very rewarding, I promise. I no longer need to kill myself on the treadmill 5 days a week for an hour. Pushing myself during my 2 x half an hour classes a week have answered my prayers.” – Anita Marney, Westmeadows

*Weight Loss & Training Disclaimer