Transformation – Billie Trajanoski

April’s Profile of the Month is our dynamic gorgeous Billie who is absolutely smashing her first round back at training after having her baby in November.

I’ve known Billie a number of years now, since she first started training back in 2012, long before her kids came along. After taking a long break focusing on growing her family, Billie returned in January this year ready to focus on herself again.

Billie has always been the type of person to always give her everything. So when she returned in January I knew she was going to be kicking some serious goals!

Despite a number of restrictions with her mobility and health, Billie never gives up. Billie, her coach Lisa and I put our heads together and put strategies in place where Billie can continue to train safely and get the results she is after without compromising on her health.

I love how methodical Billie is, tackling one issue at a time, conquering it and moving to the next one, rather than focusing on everything together, feeling overwhelmed and giving up before starting. She is an amazing woman, role model for her children, and a huge inspiration to woman everywhere! Billie proves, you don’t need to be Superwoman to succeed in your body composition goals; you just need to surround yourself with the right people, put strategies in place and do your homework. Take one day at a time, one step at a time, and eventually things fall into place.

Since returning in January Billie has lost a total of 36.5cm in just 9 weeks, with 9cm being from her waist and 11cm from her hips!!! That’s not even a full 12 week program and she’s achieved this sort of success! So awesome Billie!!! Further to this, Billie has lost a total of 3.8kg in pure body fat, increased her hydration by 3% and decreased her Basal Metabolic Age by 10 years!!! This means that at 31 years of age, thanks to her improved lifestyle, her body at cellular level is only 20 years of age! As you can see, it’s about more than just fat cells and muscles! It means that Billie has improved her health so much, she can be more present and have more energy for her 3 year old son and 4 month old daughter. What an awesome role model! A massive congratulations to Billie, who is also just about back to her pre-baby weight she was at before having her son, when she was her leanest, training with us in Sept 2012!

I am soooo proud of Billie and her determination, as well as the fact that she is starting to really see the improvements in herself and her self-confidence. I think for me, self-confidence is the best improvement anyone can develop. Billie, you rock hun!!!

Here is Billie’s story, in her words:

“Before I started to train with Terrific Fitness I did no physical activity (except for the occasional walk with my family), I got puffed just walking up the stairs, I was always tired, and always making excuses. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and then tried to justify it to myself afterwards because I felt guilty. 

When I had my son in 2014 I attended THT classes then just gave up, starting back at work full time and then looking after my family I was exhausted at the end of the day, I didn’t have the time or energy to do any type of exercise and in my mind I always said that once we had a second child I would take care of myself so that’s what I’m doing now. 

I decided that after having my second child in November 2017 I was going to start looking after myself, I’m a very self/body conscious person so I knew I had to do something to make me feel good about what I saw in the mirror.

I had attended group fitness in the past, I really enjoyed being around like minded and determined people. When I looked around I saw everyone pushing themselves and that gave me the motivation to do the same so I decided I wanted to be in that environment again. I’ve made friends out of it as well. 

A friend recommend Terrific Fitness back in 2012, we attended classes together 1-2 times a week. So when I decided to turn my life around I only thought of one place. When I spoke with Terri about coming back to TF I told her that I had abdominal separation from my last pregnancy, she explained that it was still possible to train but to talk to my coach and do the options so it won’t make it worse. I was excited and ready to start. The coaches are really supportive and understanding of all my current restrictions.

When I first started to train I only attended 2 classes a week, but once I had my nutritional session with Danielle I added in 1-2 workouts at home. I would love to eventually train 5 times a week with no excuses. 

My eating habits have changed significantly, before I would eat anything I wanted, they were all mainly home cooked meals except maybe 2-3 meals where we had take-away. I would over eat and then feel bloated. There were certain foods that I ate where I knew that my body would react to, anything with white flour or really greasy I would bloat easily and have really sore stomach aches. I knew I should’ve stayed away from them but I liked them too much. I hardly ate breakfast and when I did it would be a coffee and toast or cornflakes.  

I decided that if I was going to put all this effort into training then I needed to fix my food choices as well, as they say its 80% food 20% exercise. 

After talking with Danielle [Nutrition Coach] in a nutritional session, I now eat 4 meals a day.  I have cut out all sugar, I cook with coconut oil or organic butter and never feel like I need to snack in between. I meal prep for the whole week, and cook my proteins fresh on the day. 

I first started training with TF in 2012. I stopped attending but then returned years later. Currently I’m in my 9th week and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I can’t wait to return to my full self and kick some serious butt. 

My life has changed a lot since I started training again. I’ve got a lot more energy (except for the days when my baby doesn’t like sleeping haha), I’m starting to actually like what I see in the mirror and for me that’s a big thing. If I skip one of my meals or when I treat myself to a cheat meal I don’t feel guilty because I know I do so well with all my others. 

How do I feel about myself today? I feel proud that I’m slowly achieving my goals, I know building up my self-confidence won’t change overnight but I feel like I’m in the right direction. I feel like I can be a positive role model for my kids, to show them that even though I’ve got so many restrictions at the moment I’m determined to reach my goal.

What really gets me out of your comfy lounge to attend training? Knowing that I’m doing something for myself, I love being at home with my kids all day but I enjoy ME time as well. The way I see it is, if I’m happy it then will reflect onto my family and they will be happy too.

After training I feel really good about myself and am ready to take on the day, I love that feeling so it’s what pushes me to attend training. 

To anyone that is thinking of getting started with TF, do it! You won’t regret it.  It’s like a warm hug, always inviting. Every time I’ve come back to train I’ve never been made to feel anything less than excited to start. The encouragement and support from the coaches, as well as the amount of available resources to help you achieve your goals is unbeatable! No matter your fitness level or injuries TF will still be able to help become the best version of yourself (thanks Terri for that last bit – it’s so true though!) – Billie Trajanoski, Wollert

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer