Transformation – Brad Salisbury

Bradley Salisbury - before & after*Brad Salisbury has just completed his very first ever Boot Camp with Terrific Fitness. He originally joined to keep his partner company but has found his own passion for training now. In the six weeks that he has trained with us, he has advanced in all his exercises, even moving from regular Burpees, to Burpees with a Push-up! He is always one of the first to start exercising when it’s time and always puts in 110%

His efforts have been rewarded with some sensational results at his reassessment! Brad has dropped 7cm around his chest, 12cm around his waist and an inch from hips and legs. If these are his results after just 1 Boot Camp, 2 nights per week, where his journey is just beginning, I am seriously looking forward to the next 6 weeks! Go Brad! What a gun! We are super proud of you champ!!!

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer