Transformation – Carmela Athaide

carmela athaide*In the 7 months Carmela has been training with Terrific Fitness I have seen a huge transformation in her; not just physical – but in her demeanour too. She was never a shy or quiet person, but she certainly didn’t ooze the enthusiasm and finesse that she does today! She is always so chirpy, having a laugh with the other members. Her laughter is contagious.

I absolutely love training her and am honoured to be sharing her journey. She is an incredible role model for her daughter and an absolutely adoring wife. Her strength, fitness and commitment to training is amazing, having developed so much in the last few months, in particular.

If only we could all take a leaf out of her book at 50! She is someone I hold in very high esteem; I have the utmost respect for her and am inspired every time I watch her train. No matter how tired she is, she will always take a deep breath in and keep going strong. She doesn’t stop until the timer goes.

Carmela has lost a total of 41.5cm since she started with TF in October til the 30th of March, which was her last measure, and 12.5cm being from her waist alone. This week we will be measuring her again, and I can guarantee you, she has lost even more. She looks absolutely spectacular!

I interviewed Carmela about her journey, and here is what she had to say:

“Growing up in an Italian Family we would eat a lot of pasta dishes, bread and processed foods and also vegetables. So from teens to early 20’s my weight would fluctuate from 65kg to 70kg; I would put on weight by just looking at it.

 I had a number of gym memberships and found dieting helped me lose weight by having a shake to replace every meal.

 When I got married the weight gain commenced so I tried “Weight Watchers”.

I am a carrier of muscular dystrophy – Duchene which is a genetic condition that only affects boys but girls are carriers, and having two nephews with this condition and losing one of my nephews in July 2013.

My husband and I started on our first cycle of IVF and falling pregnant on the first cycle and having a gorgeous daughter called Desiree who is 10 now. Thinking it was so easy to do IVF we started another cycle and another, another in total it was 6 cycles with no success. Weight gain again.

So put all my energy and time into my family and was always making excuses that I didn’t have time to exercise. I was gaining a lot of weight then found out that I had an under active thyroid gland. So that was part of the reason for weight gain but also doing not a lot of exercise. I had low self-esteem didn’t think much of myself and my fitness level was pretty poor. I hated shopping and going out I would rather stay home and do nothing.

 12 months ago I commenced my journey of healing by doing Reiki 1 and 2 in which I am able to heal myself and others  it helped me with my self-esteem and had a calming effect also. But still the weight was not shifting.

 So then in Nov 2014 I decided to commence group exercise and yes it was with Terrific Fitness. I only started doing one class per week which was a circuit class. In Jan 2015 weighting 86kg, I commenced a 90 day challenge in which I cut out breads, pasta, white rice and most fat and also did 30 minutes of exercise everyday mostly of walking. And also did two classes with Terrific Fitness which was cardio boxing and a Smash class.

 In December 2014 my family and I went on a trip to Hong Kong, and trying on clothes nothing was fitting me so I was very unhappy, not being able to fit into anything. That was when the penny dropped that I had to do something about my weight.

 In 2015 I was turning 50 so I set a goal that I wanted to lose weight, have lots of energy and feel amazing.

I tried a couple other types of exercise groups but I didn’t enjoy them at all, so was always making excuses about going to classes. A friend of mine introduced me to Terrific Fitness and saw the results with her, so bit the bullet and joined and it has been the best thing I have committed to.

I didn’t put much work into training what so ever. But once 2015 started I was walking every day only started with 30 minutes a day and then gradually increased it.

When I first started Terrific Fitness I was scared of Smash classes; thought I would never be able to do that type of class.

 But now 7 months later I am still walking and running every second day doing cardio boxing and yes a Smash. I did my first run – the Mother’s Day Classic in May which was 4km and my time was 34 minutes.

[When asked if she changed her diet] In January this year I started by cutting out all carbs which is bread, pasta and white rice, which you might say Paleo. I started eating a lot more vegetables with either Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Fish.

 Well my life is so different; I have a lot more energy and feel amazing and love shopping now more than before. My confidence has increased and I love the look of myself in the mirror.

[I asked Carmela what got her out of her comfortable lounge to attend training.] Feeling amazing after the awesome workout.

 It will be hard work but you only get what you put in, so if you want results the first place to start is with Terrific Fitness. It was the best investment I have made.”  – Carmela Athaide, South Morang

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