Transformation – Carmela Vicidomini

I have been keeping a very close eye on Carmela over the last few months, and am totally gob-smacked with the new and improveAs at 30-01-17d attitude that she has towards to her health and fitness. I have been blown away with her dedication; she has been training like an absolute gun! The change I have seen in Carmela is beyond physical. It is so much deeper. She glows now. Carmela has always been a woman with a smile on her face, but now her smile actually reaches her eyes. She laughs deeply and honestly now. It’s so lovely to see, considering how much she struggled to smile and laugh from the heart when I first met her. Unless you looked into her eyes though, you wouldn’t know the smile wasn’t there. Carmela has always been a beautiful bubbly young woman, but now her boisterous personality is on a whole new level of awesome. She truly is an inspiration and I’m very proud of her! At such a young age, she has had to deal with so much, but has come through the other side a winner.

Carmela’s physical changes are also spectacular. Having lost a total of 25kg from March 2016 til now, Carmela is a force to be reckoned with. Her weight loss equates to a total of 81.5cm from around her body!!! These results are beyond brilliant and Carmela should be extremely proud of herself, cos Lord knows I sure am!!! Amazing effort!

Here is Carmela’s story in her words.

“Before starting with Terrific Fitness my self-esteem was as low as it had ever been, I was a size 20-22 at only 25 years old. I had always been a bigger girl growing up, though I was always up and down with my weight. I’d lose 10-20kg and put it straight back on. My dinners were shocking; I would never eat breakfast or lunch and sometimes when I did it was the unhealthiest option! When I was with my partner of 9 years, he was also a bigger guy, we would get take away nearly 4 times a week as it was the most convenient thing to do.

The trigger that led me to look for a trainer was I was always disgusted to look at myself in the mirror, nothing ever fitted, all my friends had the best clothes, while I had to shop at bigger shops (which is no problem), and their confidence was booming. When we purchased our house in March 2015, I was only 24 years old. We always had people over eating junk, getting take away day in and day out. I am not a drinker so there was never any problem there. But when I hit 25 I set myself a goal to start getting fit and look after my health as there are so many health issues in my family. Since leaving my partner of 9 years, I have so much time for myself, so much time to focus on my journey and so much more time for my training. It was the best decision I ever made in my life.

When I started at TF in April last year I was only doing 2 nights a week, and eating 97% clean. I was still with my partner, however he was not on the clean eating band wagon, which was the hardest task for me. Now, I’m still doing 2 nights a week though I am throwing in walks a couple of nights a week so I can stay motivated when I’m not at TF, as I do find that is a challenge

 My eating has changed dramatically. I now eat 5-6 times a day. I have proper snacks such as raw nuts, fruit or even just a simple plain can of tuna. Meal prep has been a life saver, yes I have been a little slack lately on that, but we all get to that point and then pick ourselves back up again, that’s just normal; it’s a part of life.

I have been training with TF since April of 2016, so that’s nearly coming up to a year, and is the best thing I’ve ever done.

My life, since training at TF, has changed so much. I am now so much more active in my day to day life, I have so much confidence that I never ever had. I look at myself in the mirror and am proud of the reflection I see. I am now confident to wear a bikini, which I have never ever had the courage to do. I think to myself “why should I have to cover up and hide my journey while everyone else has the confidence to show their journey?” I’ve never had that mentality before until now. I have gained so much strength in my body. I’m always thinking of ways to keep active, and I have got a new love for nature; I’m loving bush walks and paths that have such a beautiful green scenery to it. It makes my activities outdoors more exciting.

Some days I can’t be bothered training which I guess is normal, though there’s a little voice in my head that makes me want to get up from what I’m doing and chuck my training gear on and go go go! Once I’m there I’m fine, but normally I have no issues to get there because I know what I want to achieve, and sitting down feeling sorry for yourself will not get you to your goal, and I have learnt that the hard way in life.

If you are thinking of being a part of the TF family, stop thinking! All the trainers at TF are amazing, they know what they are doing and they always help you as an individual when you need and they never leave you out. If they see you are struggling they are the first ones to help and guide you the right way. You will never regret it. It’s not just a gym, everyone there is a family, no one judges, no one looks at you like you’re different, everyone makes you feel welcome; the support online is phenomenal and its 24/7. Whether you need advice for a meal, or an injury, or a particular brand in fitness clothing, or some inspiration, or even just a plain howdy, there is always someone there with help and they all do it with a smile and no hesitation. 

I have not finished my journey at TF, I have a long long way to go, though this time around I’m sticking to a more civil eating plan rather than a fairy tale life style. I can now say I am so much happier in life, where I am now with my fitness, and my confidence is shining through, as every day I get compliments from everyone. And if that’s not reassuring then I don’t know what is.”Carmela Vicidomini, Wollert