Transformation – Clare Wardell

*This month’s Profile of the Month is our super dedicated and beautiful Clare Wardell.Clare Wardell as at 29-06-16

I have had my eye on Clare for quite some time, with her dedication and will to get better and better each week. I am extremely proud of her and how far she has come in her journey over the past 12 months. Clare has really built some awesome strength and her fitness is amazing. She’s now doing double classes, and giving both classes 100% no excuses. Clare has made serious changes to her body and mind from every angle and are now reaping the rewards. I’m absolutely loving the muscles coming through too! Clare was never a large person, but she did struggle with her self-esteem none the less. She has lost a total of 26.50cm from around her body, but more to the point has gained lean muscle mass, built her fitness, developed crazy strength and most importantly, built her self-esteem. For this, I am most grateful and proud.

Here is Clare’s story:

“Before I started training I wouldn’t say I was lazy, probably just a little unmotivated. I would go for walks but never really exercised as such. I did attend a few aerobic classes here and there but was so unfit. I then joined a gym thinking that would increase my fitness by doing a bit of cardio and weights but that only lasted a few months. I just couldn’t get myself there and I guess without someone telling me what to do and how to do it correctly, I just stopped going.

 I wasn’t feeling great about myself as about 15 years ago I was a lot thinner and was probably at my goal for myself, and really happy with the way I looked. But, over time with the kids growing up so fast, husband, work and just general life things didn’t stay the same and there wasn’t time for me and everything else was a priority. I wasn’t happy with the way I was, not that I was overweight but I just felt there wasn’t time for me but wasn’t sure how to make that time and to make myself a priority. I knew I had to do something and that’s when my best friend Denise Knorr who was already reaping the rewards of Terrific Fitness, suggested I join her and do a class. “Come and try, you’ll love it”. She was right, and I have loved every sweating minute of it ever since.

 I never really thought of doing classes with an actual trainer. I always thought they were for people not like me. I usually just aerobics classes where I could hide at the back and be unco-ordinated.  But after my first class I was blown away, I never felt like that. I was blown away by not only the encouragement from Terri and Tania, but also from watching everyone else in the class and their determination. I never got that from an aerobics class. I just felt so empowered and enthusiastic about returning the following week.

 I am forever grateful to my dear friend Denise who encouraged me to join Terrific Fitness as she saw my struggle that I wasn’t getting what I needed by doing what I was. What I needed was Terri and her encouragement and guidance and wisdom. I needed something or someone to help give me the start I needed and just hearing her talk about how fantastic it was, how could I not try it.

 When I first started I think I started with Core and Fitness Circuit. I remember watching a boxing class and saying to myself that my goal was to be able to do a round of boxing. It took me a few rounds but I did.  I have kept boxing as one of my classes ever since. It’s my favourite one. It wasn’t long before my fitness improved and was feeling pretty good about myself. I even attempted Smash H.I.I.T., only once though. I wasn’t that fit. I am now doing 3 classes a week, Resistance H.I.I.T, Boxing and THT. I also try to fit in a boogie bounce when I can. Love this class. I push myself every class and try not to drop till I hear the buzzer.

 My eating habits were never really bad although I did love marshmallows, fruit jubes and lemonade, these were my favourites. My diet was lots of lollies. I can’t even remember the last time I had any of these.  I have really only started to be conscious of what I eat the past 6 months as when I got measured this last time I was very disappointed. I mentioned this to the wonderful Terri and she told me it was all in my diet. Changes had to be made. So I attended the Nutrition workshop and learned a whole lot of new stuff that I didn’t know. Since then I have been so good and it has paid off as I have noticed a huge change in the way my body looks now.

 I think I have been with Terrific Fitness for just over 12 months now and I know I would not be where I am now without it. I tell everyone I possibly can about it and how fantastic everyone is. I would encourage anyone looking at changing their lifestyle and wanting to get fit and healthy to definitely come and try one or all the classes.

 Thanks to Terrific Fitness my life is completely different now as I feel much healthier, fitter and happier in myself. I am attempting to conquer MCG Stomp and also doing Mudderella in December. This for me is huge.  I am a lot more motivated now and really look forward to going to class.  It’s really nice to see everyone when I get there. My lounge is very comfortable, but I know it will still be there when I get home.  Thank you one and all at Terrific Fitness for all you have done for me and all you are doing for everyone your community. You guys are amazing.” – Clare Wardell, South Morang

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