Transformation – Daniel Sotiropulos

Daniel Sotiropoulos*Daniel Sotiropoulos was always a tall thin young man. He played soccer since pre-school. Training for soccer as much as he did mad it twice as hard for this young man to gain any sort of size, particularly muscle, no matter how much he ate. At 19 years of age he barely had any muscle definition despite his intense training lifestyle. After changing his diet with the advice of TF founder (who happens to be Daniel’s auntie), Daniel managed to gain 20kg of pure muscle mass without increasing in body fat. Today Daniel is still super active with soccer, training 2-3 times per week with her Premier League League, The Whittlesea Ranges, for which he is Captain. He also weight trains 2-3 times per week and is looking trim, terrific and very sculptured. Now TF’s Senior Trainers, he shares his passion and knowledge for fitness with others that also want to Unleash the Best Version of Themselves.


*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer