Transformation – Danielle Toull

Danielle Toull - as at 17-12-15*I keep an eye on each and every member day in day out, watching their journey very closely. And I can tell you I have kept a VERY close eye on Danielle’s journey this year! What an incredible transformation! Her Coeliac diagnosis was probably the best thing that could have happened for her health as it has helped her identify what she can control to help herself improve her health and body weight. How empowering! And the fact that she has taken that information on board and run with it is brilliant! Too many times people get told this sort of thing and they ignore it, shoving it in the too hard basket. Not Danni! She took this information and ran with it. No, she sprinted with it! She has taken what some would see as a challenge and ‘bad news’ and turned it into very powerful great news!

Danni is the epitome of resilience, taking a challenge on and converting it to a strength. I absolutely love her determination and willingness to learn, grow and develop and feel that she is an amazing role model for all women in our community and beyond. So many people are diagnosed with allergies and intolerances and they feel lost. How awesome Danni can share her story and give strength and courage to those that need it most!

For those that like statistics Danni has lost a total of 107.5cm, with 24cm from her waist and 22cm from her hips. Incredible results!

Here is Danni’s story from her point of view:

 “My life was OK before TF. I mean I didn’t have a bad life as such, I fell in love early in my life and married my high school sweet heart and had a beautiful daughter by the age of 25. What more could I have wanted?? But I didn’t love myself. I hated the way I looked, the way I felt, basically everything about myself. I have battled anxiety and depression for a long time, but instead of doing anything about it to actually fix the problem, I would indulge in food to make myself feel better. I would always make excuses that I didn’t have time to make healthy food, like I don’t have time or I was just too tired to even prepare anything.  I was down all the time and would constantly cry about my weight. I would never look at myself in the mirror and would always make an excuse to get out of a photo.

I had a friend urge me to start training with her at TF as she had started noticing results in herself. My attitude wasn’t the greatest towards it to be honest. It was more like, “Meh, what have I got to lose?” A LOT!

I lost a best friend to a rare type of cancer in the midst of training with TF. I went through a rough patch and started over-indulging in junk food again and started emotionally eating. I kind of just gave up and thought this is just how it is. Until my husband, Scott sat me down and told me that if I didn’t change the way I thought about myself or care about my health, then things are going to go downhill, very rapidly.

I purchased Terri’s book before I considered coming back to training to try and motivate myself and do it the right way this time. Terri had always pushed me to get tested for intolerances, especially because they run in my family. It was never a consideration until I actually noticed that I had all the symptoms. I finally got tested in March this year and found out that I have Coeliac disease. 

I knew I needed to lose weight. But I also needed support on my nutrition goals. I basically needed someone who would not just make me look good, but feel good. The biggest thing I have learned while training with TF is, just because you are skinny, doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy. I needed to change my ways in more ways than just one.

I chose TF as I had a few friends who were training at the time with TF. I saw how motivated they were and how amazing their results were.

I started off slowly as I was not fit by any means. I started off with fitness circuit every Saturday morning and then gradually went onto doing a core class also. I quickly realized how unfit I was and that I had a long road ahead of me. I unfortunately took just over a year off training with TF as I lost one of my best friends to cancer at the age of 26. I then returned in mid-2015 with a set goal in life. I currently do boxing, but do other sports on the side also. However, next round I will be ramping it up to boxing, smash and fitness circuit.

I got diagnosed at the start of March with coeliac disease, after being strongly encouraged to get tested by Terri. Since starting with at TF in 2013, I was exercising more and what I thought ‘healthy eating’, but I couldn’t lose any weight at all. So after putting up with some serious gluten intolerant symptoms all my life, I finally got tested. When I found out I had coeliac, I was truly devastated and extremely confused. I didn’t know what to think or even where to start. Luckily I had a friend and a sister who were in the same situation. I constantly had/have people saying to me ‘oh my god, I would die if I couldn’t eat any of that stuff’.. ‘don’t you just crack and just eat it’. I found myself having to pick out of two options, either, being negative about it, or see it as a positive and really do something that is right for me and my body. I responded to these people with ‘no I don’t crack and just eat it, why would I put toxic food in my body’.. and.. ‘but I could literally die if I eat it’. I decided to hit the ground running. I decided to do a lot of researching and took food with me everywhere. I completely eliminated gluten out of my diet instantly, and not once have I ever been tempted to eat it. Was it easy? At the start, absolutely not! Was it worth it? 1000%!

My life is completely different! I now have the confidence to do things I never did before. I don’t shy away as much when talking to people. I have a real drive now to work towards certain goals I have set myself. My favourite motto that I live by right now is, ‘I am a girl who’s mission in life is to be comfortable in her own skin’.

Since March 2015, I have lost 36 kilos. I have never felt better physically and emotionally. I’m now playing sports, running up those pesky stairs that use to daunt me, my self-esteem is on the increase dramatically, I don’t depend on anxiety medication, I even love going shopping for clothes now!

I look forward all week to training with TF. There is nothing better than training with a bunch of people who motivate you to be a better person. The TF community is a whole lot more than just a workout community, it’s a family! There is no negativity, no one putting anyone down. It’s a genuine place where people are comfortable to actually talk to each other and motivate each other. I’ve never heard of a place where so much positivity is shared and where people genuinely care about each other and their goals. I can honestly say I have never met more inspiring people.

I can’t recommend TF enough! Sounds cliché, but TF has literally changed my life. It scares me to think where I would be without it. Every single person behind TF are absolute gems! And Terri.. there is just not enough words in the dictionary to put together how thankful and how much I appreciate your generosity to change people and make them see what they are missing out on. If you want to lose weight and gain knowledge around healthy eating, and be comfortable doing it, then there is no other place to be than TF.” – Danielle Toull, Mill Park

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer