Transformation – Denise Knorr

*The transformation I have witnessed in Denise is something I can’t put into words. I’m not even talking about just physically; more so mentally and emotionally. When I first as at 20-03-16met Denise, her smile never reached her eyes. She would never look me in the eye when we spoke. Although she were always chatty amongst the group, she would never voluntarily start a conversation with anyone. All of this has changed.  Now her smile beams! Denise looks me directly in the eyes when we talk, now she talks to anyone without thinking twice about it. Her confidence has soared!

Physically Denise is so much fitter, stronger, and more coordinated. Her technique has come leaps and bounds and she always push to the next level. She never gives up and never complains. She grits her teeth and gets on with it; and she does so with a smile. From an aesthetic point of view, Denise look like a completely different person!

Denise has lost a total of 78.5cms.  Above all, she has developed muscle and sculpted her body with beautiful tone.

Here is Denise’s story:

Before I joined Terrific fitness I really had no fitness at all; I walked here and there when I could be bothered and had no strength at all. My weight was the highest it had been in years. I suffered depression and had been on medication for years and I mean years! I was flat all the time and had no self-esteem and didn’t feel good enough at all. Also working full-time, running a house, being a mum  and a wife which i absolutely  love, I  put myself last. My eating habits we not good at all, and with my depression I found comfort in eating  so the weight crept on.

I remember the day I changed my mind to start looking after me; it was January 1st 2015. I asked a friend who was coming to Terrific Fitness at the time, and I kept seeing posts here and there on my Facebook feed. I was given Terri’s book and read it in 3 days; I sent the email off to join. I have never done anything like that before I just felt this was so right for me and what I needed to help me.

I started doing 2 classes a week Core and THT I  thought ‘let’s go for the easy ones’; well was I wrong lol (Core is not easy!) I now do 3 classes a week  which includes Express Circuit , THT and Boxing and love it. I have now been with Terrific Fitness for last 14 months.  

My aim all along was to get off my medication which I have achieved;  that’s the one thing I’m most proud of. I’ve lost weight; that happened after attending the [Wellness] workshop last September and having an accountable buddy which I highly recommend everyone gets. My eating is 80 percent better I still have a treat now and then (SHHHHHH don’t tell Terri and Tania.)  Even though it was never about the weight loss for me I do feel fantastic now I’ve lost a few kilos.

I can now say I love myself. Even though my hubby and kids told me every day they loved me, I didn’t love me; now I know I’m good enough. I’m not going to say I still don’t have those thoughts creep in now and then, that’s only human, but they don’t stay for long lol.

I’ve learned it’s OK to put yourself first and look after me; otherwise how am I going to look after my family? I love coming to training! I actually can’t imagine not training now and miss it terribly when we have a break; it’s just a part of my life and something I will continue moving forward in, in years to come.

I love walking into class and seeing everyone who is on the same journey as me and how far we have all come. I love being a part of a team who greet you with a smile and a hug and sharing the same goals. I have met some amazing people who are so inspiring and who make me want to be a better person. I feel very lucky to have found such an amazing group of people.

To Terri and Tania what can I say I feel blessed to be trained by you both. I have learned so much; thank you for your love and support. You have helped me become the person I am becoming and I can’t thank you enough. 

To anyone wanting to join Terrific Fitness – It was the best decision I have made in a long time for my health and well-being, and it will be the best decision you will make! So if you’re thinking of joining too, don’t hesitate, make that phone call. Like Nike say “ ………. JUST DO IT…….” The staff are absolutely fantastic and help you every step of the way to become the person you want to become.’ – Denise Knorr, Epping

Denise you are a huge inspiration to people everywhere! Your smile is infectious and we absolutely love having you in our community brightening up the place with your cheer and laughter. Tania and I are both extremely proud of you! We often discuss your progress with tears in our eyes. You are amazing! Theo and Rachel are also very proud of how far you have come and love hearing about your progress. A true inspiration! Awesome work babe!

*Weight Loss and  Nutrition Disclaimer