Transformation – Elena Collins

*Elena joined us in October 2016, quite reserved and self-conscious. We could barely get two words out of her. Seven months on she is a bubbly, chatty, confident and strong woman who will tackle any challenge. She has dropped 3% body fat and gained 3% muscle mass since December 2016 (this was assessed in our Body Composition Analysis or BCA). Elena’s biological age is 36 (her actual age). When we first BCA’d her in December Elena’s metabolic age was 31. Metabolic age is the age of the human cells, their health, if you may. In her most recent BCA in May, her metabolic age is that of a 25 year old!!! She has literally improved her health and her body’s aging by 11 years! That in itself is incredible! She has literally bought herself more time, simply by changing her eating habits and exercising routine. She is so much leaner and toned, as you can see from her photos; check out those guns!

Elena is the perfect student. She listens to every single little thing we coaches advise her and ask loads of questions. Questions are the best way to learn and be empowered for lasting results and success in all areas of life. We encourage questions and love love love it when clients ask loads of them. It means they have passion, and passion means success!!!

Elena pretty much trains with all the staff at TF in various classes and PTs with Coach Tania. She never looks for the easy way out, and challenges herself at every opportunity.

To say we are proud of Elena is an understatement! She is an incredible inspiration to us all, her family, those gorgeous girls of hers, and the other members that train with her. Elena don’t ever stop being you! You are one amazing woman whom we adore immensely! You go girl!

Here is Elena’s journey, in her words:

“Before I started training my life was all about my two girls and my husband. I did everything I could possibly do for my family and spent little time on myself. This basically resulted in me feeling miserable and exhausted all the time. I loathed looking at myself in the mirror because I was still carrying my baby weight and still had my mummy tummy. Because I was still carrying my baby weight, I would still wear some of my maternity clothes because I refused to buy clothes because of the way I was looking and feeling. Some days I struggled to pick up and lift my then 2 year old in and out of the car, I had no strength. What little time I had to myself, I usually spent eating or sleeping because I was physically and mentally drained from working long days, coming home to care for family, cooking, cleaning and keeping our house in order. I needed to get myself out of this crappy runt I was in.

The reason I decided to invest in a personal trainer was because I needed someone to keep me accountable. I was more than happy to exercise, I love exercising it’s my biggest stress reliever, but I also wanted something that would challenge me to keep me going with my training and to track my progress. And I get that and so much more from my PT sessions with Tania, this girl is unbelievable and so very thankful to have her in my life. She is so encouraging and motivating. From day one she has taught me so much, and I’m forever asking her a million questions. She answers every question from nutrition, to correct form and even laughing at me when I fall off the fit ball. During our one hour PT session Tania always pushes me to my maximum and I always leave more pumped up and excited about what she has in store for my next session. I just love training with her; it’s as simple as that.

 I was training at another gym, but I was just not getting the results I wanted and thought to try something different. I drove pass and saw the Terrific Fitness signage and thought I would check them out. After a quick Google search I found them. When I saw it was group classes I was a little hesitant at first because I usually like to train on my own, but I thought I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new. I’m so grateful that I did. From the first time walked through the doors at TF it felt like home, I was greeted by friendly happy coaches and just knew they all loved what they did. It seriously looked like friends hanging out and exercising together, the atmosphere was sensational. I left after my first class knowing very well that I will be back again.

When I first started at Terrific Fitness I was doing two classes a week and occasionally doing some weight training sessions but I really wasn’t consistent with it. Now I do 3-4 classes a week, plus 2-3 weight training sessions a week and also Personal Training with Tania. Sundays are my rest days J

Coming from a European background we are basically force fed from a young age, you can’t leave the table unless you have eaten everything off your plate and had seconds. There was no such thing as portion control. My eating habits have been my biggest improvement, I never realised how much eating the right food would have on my overall results and provide me with more ability to increase my strength. I was under the illusion if I trained hard I will see the results, but I was wrong; nutrition is the biggest factor in getting results. Previously I would only ever eat after training and never before training. The difference I now see in eating before training is huge, I have so much more energy and strength during my training session. I would also try and avoid eating carbs at all costs, how wrong I was. Now, I meal prep most of my meals making sure I have something to eat before and after I train ensuring I include protein, heaps of vegetables and good carbs. I’m eating so much more food.

I’ve been training at Terrific Fitness for just over 7 months now, it’s the best decision I ever made for my health and fitness.

I’m a completely different person, I no longer stress over the small stuff and just get on with it. I just love exercising and always looking for new and exciting things to do to challenge myself. From first walking into Terrific Fitness and having no core strength whatsoever I couldn’t hold a plank for longer than 30 seconds, to now being able to hold a plank for two minutes, is pretty amazing. Something I thought I could never do after having two kids. Also, I no longer wear my maternity clothing, my wardrobe now basically consists of gym attire. Every time I reach one of my goals I always reward myself with some new gym gear.

I love me, I’m so proud of how far I’ve come on my journey and so excited for what lays ahead for me. I was in denial for so long about my results, thinking that I had made no change in my appearance, because when I looked in the mirror I just saw me. Thanks to Tania for being my paparazzi and taking photos during our sessions and being able to compare the photos to previous photos taken I can now see how far I’ve come from when I first started. To say I’m over moon is an understatement. Wow there’s a huge difference in the person I am now to back when I first started.

When asked ‘What really gets you out of your comfy lounge to attend training?’ I just get it done. Training sessions are appointments I’ve made with myself and I don’t want to let myself down, I’ve come too far to stop and start all over again. When I do miss a training session due sickness, kids, life etc. I always make sure I book a makeup session straight away.

When asked ‘What would you say to someone thinking of getting started with Terrific Fitness?’ Just do it, you will not regret it. You will see results not only physically but mentally. You will thank yourself in 12 weeks’ time for signing up and deciding to make a change.” – Elena Collins, Mernda

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer