Transformation – Emma Grant

Emms Gould*Emma joined TF just over 12 months ago. Emma has always been an extremely hard worker putting in 100% effort to just about each and every class. Unfortunately she shared the common thought that if she would lose weight and be able to continue to eat rubbish. Emma did lose a fair bit of weight in the first 2 months of joining TF, but then went backwards putting weight back on, 2 months later. Cutting a long story short, Emma realized that she needed more than just exercise. So a few months ago she got super serious about her nutritious and now coupled that with her exercise.

 To date she has lost a total of 13cm off her waist and 10cm from her hips, not to mention legs and arms! She is fitter and stronger than has ever been and is continuing to progress through her journey, more motivated than ever. Here is what Emma has to say about her journey:

“I had always known myself to be a size 12 but since I left high school in 2009 that was when I started putting on the weight and feeling very uncomfortable about myself. I didn’t care about eating right and would go to the gym 3 times a week but felt I never got anything out of it. I would go shopping for myself and always end up upset as nothing would fit or look good on me. By the end of 2011 I had reached a size 16 and decided I really needed to do something about my look and the way I mentally felt.

In June 2012 I started training with Terrific Fitness and ate clean 50% of the time, I would see some results but it wasn’t what I wanted. My partner proposed in August 2012 and it wasn’t until we set a date that I picked up my game. I joined another gym, still involved with TF and changed my bad eating habits. I no longer eat rice, breads, pasta or potatoes – whereas I used to live off those foods, now one bite makes me sick! I ran my first 10km fun run in July this year and in 3 weeks’ time will be doing it again.

One month ago I changed my gym program from cardio based to weight training and I am seeing great results already. Now the only time I’m upset about clothes not fitting me is because they are too big. I have the confidence I need to keep me motivated and look fabulous for my upcoming wedding. I plan my meals and exercise regime every Sunday so there is no excuse.

I am now a comfortable size 12 and I know that things can only get better from here!

Terri has been an amazing trainer and such great help throughout boot camp and boxing sessions and also with the recipes she posts on Facebook.

If you need to be pushed towards your goals, but also need the support along the way then Terrific Fitness is the team to be a part of!”

Emma Gould – Bundoora

I personally am super proud of Emma and everything she has achieved to date. I know she isn’t where she wants to be; the beauty however, is that the journey is nowhere near over and Emma is constantly moving forward. Keep going Emma excellent work! A true inspiration to all young women out there!!!

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer