Transformation – Emma Weekes

Emma Weekes*We absolutely love receiving this sort of feedback!

“In three weeks my body measurements dropped by 32.29 centimetres and I feel FABULOUS!

So how did I get here? My story is pretty straight forward. After two children I decided to invest a bit more time in my health and fitness and slowly started to run. Pre children I enjoyed the fundraising running events in Melbourne and this soon dropped off into a distant memory.

About three years ago I started with short runs around the park and as winter set in I decided to join a local running group which has now expanded to three runs a week [around 20+kms], I also added in some Pilates and Body Pump which made me feel like I was back in the game.

This fitness regime was okay for a while but I wasn’t seeing a reward for my efforts; my body weight and shape weren’t changing as I had expected given the increase in physical activity.

My friend Danielle suggested I attend Terri’s Food for Health and Weight Loss seminar which was timely given our daughter had been diagnosed with the celiac gene, and after I moved to a gluten free diet, I felt more comfortable and informed about how important it is to recognise and respond to the messages from your body.

Speaking with my partner Jason about the lack of return from all my exercise he suggested I speak with Terri about my diet and lifestyle to see whether she might have some answers.

My food diary revealed some interesting facts for me; where I thought I was making healthy choices I was actually doing my body a disservice.

Terri said the plan was simple – eliminate processed foods, introduce structure to your meal times, eat protein, carbs and good fats and give your body the best chance before and after exercise with the right carbohydrates….simple!

Armed with Terri’s eBook I was given the right advice, encouragement and recipes to get me started to make the changes I needed to feel great and eat right.

Terri’s approach to nutrition is pretty black and white; she didn’t focus on all the things I need to take out of my daily meals but rather focused on the healthy foods I need to bring in, why I need them and how easy it is to do it.

Jason and I have been together for 18 years, and at 36 years of age, I’m a very late starter when it comes to cooking; Jay is the chef in our family so the biggest challenge for me was to embark on the additional room in our house called ‘the kitchen.’

Once I found my way, the meal preparation part was by far the easiest. I make enough food in one hit to cover all my meals throughout the day so I can just grab them from the fridge and go. My breakfast is super indulgent shifting away from muesli or toast to eggs, asparagus, avocado, spinach, mushrooms. Terri also has some great recipes on her website that are really tasty and the banana bread is an absolute winner.

I’ve received plenty of compliments from friends, family and colleagues about the changes I have made and the most rewarding part of all is how incredible I feel. Since I met with Terri in late April I feel light, fresh and more energised. My running is much easier, my recovery is quicker and I run rings around my kids – yeah!

I look at food completely differently and understand what makes me feel the best that I can be. Needless to say Jay has taken the credit too for this transformation and he likes what he sees!  But for me this is not about being super thin or keeping up with Kardashians, it’s about finding a healthier me and enjoying the full benefits that come with that.

Like you we have a busy lifestyle with two primary school aged children [5& 7 years], full time work, taekwondo, homework swimming, Auskick, jazz ballet, basketball and domestics so if I can do this, you certainly can.

I would recommend to anyone that nutrition counseling with Terri will be the best investment you could make for YOU, and I’m sure you’ll agree – you deserve it!”

Emma Weekes, Yarraville

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer