Transformation – Fay Teffaha

Our Profile of the Month for November is our gorgeous Fay Teffaha. Fay has been a member of the TF community for almost six years, on and off. Prior to getting pregnant to 2 year old Summer, Fay had reached her goal weight and stayed there until she fell pregnant. She took a break throughout her pregnancy and returned after she had Summer, where she began her journey back to a healthier weight. 

Like most people, Fay leads a very busy life having to make time for herself in between her commitments, which includes her amazing business Dashing Boutique. Fay doesn’t make excuses, she just does what she has to, to get the job done.

Fay trains twice per week and is extremely dedicated to her training. She doesn’t over commit herself setting up for failure. She knows that twice per week is workable for her and her lifestyle, so she makes sure she doesn’t succumb to excuses and attends 100% of her sessions. Training is not-negotiable for Fay. It is her time for her and she doesn’t let anything get in the way. This is the reason Fay is so successful. Commitment.

Since having Summer, and returning to TF, Fay has lost a total of 52.5cm since returning back in March 2016, after having her daughter Summer. She looks and feels amazing! She has so much more energy, even on her off days. She eats well most of the time, allowing room for treats, leading a beautifully balanced life.

Fay, you truly are an inspiration to all mums and all women out there, balancing life, family, business and time for self. I am so so so proud of you, words do not do you justice. Keep up the amazing work, and never ever change!

Here is Fay’s story in her words:

My lifestyle is a very busy busy one, like everyone else we never have enough time for ourselves , running around for our family business, being a mother to our 2 beautiful kids Jacob 10 & Summer 2 my amazing partner & going crazy trying to please everyone but myself. Work work work & always exhausted.

I’ve always loved being active but sometimes never making that time.

I always go up & down with my body weight. I’ve been a size 16 & I’ve also been a size 6. It’s all about finding the balance I am a fun loving person when I’m at my best, but I also suffer from seasonal affective Disorder in winter and I don’t want to see or do anything social when feeling like this; it’s a really big challenge.

Looking in the mirror after having my kids & felt disgusted with myself & thought ‘it’s time to do something about it’. But you have to be ready to want to change

Terrific Fitness is one of the best decision I made in my life.

I saw changes in a friend that had joined the TF group & thought ‘OK it’s time for me to do something for myself’.

It’s a family based studio and I always feel welcome and part of a family.

I have made so many friends within the TF group. Love it.

I wish I could train 5 days a week as I know I would reach my results much faster, but something is better than nothing, so I train twice a week at the moment.


I always try to eat as healthy & fresh as I can. Keeping it simple always works for me. It’s all about balance. Showing your family what you do is a better way then telling them, so eating healthy and exercising is the way to go.


I’ve been with TF for 5.5 years off and on. I truly value all the TF Trainers; you are all so dedicated to every single one of us.

Life is very different to life before I started with TF. I know what I need to do to live a happy healthy life now.

[When asked, ‘how do you feel about yourself today?’] Amazing!

[What gets you off your comfy lounge to attend training?] Like any mother, just want to get the @#$& away from the kids lol. Kidding not kidding. OK on a serious note I want to look and feel good and that’s not going to happen by sitting on my butt. Also the friends I have made and how much fun we have while working out is all worth it. I might just add here how much I love my increased se x drive after training too lol.


So what are you waiting for???? Do something amazing for yourself you deserve it.”– Fay Teffaha, South Morang

*Weight Loss & Training Disclaimer