Transformation – Gamze Kirik

Gamze*Gamze joined Terrific Fitness in February 2012. She took quite some time to get on track with her nutrition and even her exercise. But when she did, boy did she have some serious changes happen! Since joining Terrific Fitness Gamze has successfully lost 3cm from her arms, 9.5cm from her chest & back, 11cm in her waist, 11.5cm from her hips, 7cm from her thighs and 5cm from her calves! What sensational results! Here is what Gamze had to say about her journey:

“I’ve always wanted to lose weight but didn’t know how to go about it. Before Terrific Fitness I read magazine articles I decided to switch to a “healthier” option and eat whole meal bread and sweet desserts every couple of days. I didn’t think of food as “processed” and “organic”.

I joined various gyms but was unsure if I was doing the exercise right and which exercises I should be doing for my goals. I had done a few aerobics classes and enjoyed them but found it difficult to continue to motivate myself to go.

One day I found a local boot camp on the internet and decided to give it a go. I have never looked back. I have trained at Terrific Fitness for over a year. At first I couldn’t do any push-ups – on my knees or otherwise. I was too shy to ask about technique and options. But overtime I have improved my fitness level so much. I have been doing push-ups on my feet for 3 months now and am able to reach my toes when stretching.

I continue to go because I feel comfortable. It’s not just about fitness, its health, breathing techniques and much more. It’s a community, a family. Everyone has goals and the trainers go out of their way to help. They themselves have “been there done that”. Terri tells me all the time about her personal struggles and it’s inspiring, it makes me think that over time I can achieve what I want. I still occasional struggle with nutrition but now with the knowledge and constant support that Terrific Fitness I can at least make more informed choices (did you know that white potato spikes you insulin and can stop you from burning fat for days?).

If you’ve just started or wondering if you should start, I personally would highly recommend Terrific Fitness. They care about you as a person and it really feels like a community. I’m so glad I’ve met them and lost heaps of weight and gained heaps of friends and supporters.”

Gamze Kirik – Lalor

Gamze we are so super proud of you! Push-ups? Did she mention push-ups? Gamze is not only performing push-ups on her toes, she is even performing Burpees with a push up! Now that’s progress! Gamze can also skip for 5 minutes non-stop and her fitness has exploded!

The one thing that Gamze hasn’t told you, is that when she joined TF she was very shy and very self-conscious. Though I wouldn’t exactly call her an extrovert, Gamze has certainly come out of her shell over the past 12 months; so much so, that she is now even conducting work as a Stand Up Comedian! Now that, is what these transformations are all about! Being able to realise your dreams with confidence and self-respect. Congratulations Gamze, you totally rock!!!!

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer