Transformation – Jessica Harkom

*Our August Profile of the Month is our incredible and stunning Jessica Harkom. Jess has always been a very bubbly and outgoing young lady, but has really shone over the last few months. The confidence she exudes is breath taking. I’ve been watching Jess very closely recently, more than usual, and am so ridiculously proud of how far she has come!!! Setting aside the remarkable weight loss success for a moment, which is beyond incredible, the progress in her strength and fitness is out of control! I’m so loving the fact that Jess is capable of everything now. When Jess first joined Terrific Fitness she struggled just to get up and down off the floor. Today, she not only ‘gives it a go’, but really does just get on with it, knowing she is more than capable.

Jess’ strength was at a complete beginner level. I had her performing push ups against the wall. Slowly she built her strength progressing each and every week. Today Jess performs complete push ups on the floor, on her toes! I’ll never forget her smile when she completed her first push up; she had me in tears! I watch her at training with little love heart eyes like the emoji; just so proud of her!

Her journey is far from over and this young lady has phenomenal goals, and deserves to achieve each and every one of them. She is a super hard worker, asks all the questions she needs to progress and does so whilst having fun, which is most important of all!

As far as her weight loss is concerned, Jess has lost in excess of 143cm, with 30cm being from her waist and 29cm being from her hips, which is out of this world! She is truly are a huge inspiration to everyone around her, including me!

Here is Jess’ story in her words:

I was never overweight growing up as a child. Everything I ate was freshly cooked or picked from my nana’s garden. I was very active and participated in a lot of sport.

I left home at 18 and moved from Latrobe Valley to Melbourne. In that time I found myself drawn to the amazing nightlife of Melbourne, something that a small country town couldn’t offer. In turn I swapped healthy eating and exercising for clubbing, alcohol and fast food.

Over the years my weight piled on and I felt “trapped” like I was stuck in a hole and that’s just the way I would have to continue my life. I felt social situations daunting, and I was even getting too big to fit into “plus sized clothes”

3 years ago I made some drastic changes in my life to get my weight under control and regain my life and in that the best decision that I have made to date was to join Terrific Fitness.

I remember it was December 2015 and I had called Terrific Fitness and left a voicemail message. Terri called me back and we spoke like we were lifelong friends. I instantly felt comfortable, I remember saying to Terri that I have zero fitness, I haven’t exercised in years , my nutrition was terrible and I was apprehensive to join as I was a ‘”bigger girl”  and didn’t want to get stared at. It was what Terri said to me at my time of vulnerability that made me know that choosing Terrific Fitness was the place for me to regain myself.  Terri had said to me that we all need to start somewhere and with Terrific Fitness you work at your own pace with variations of exercises until your level increases, and there was no bitchiness here, she simply wouldn’t allow it.

With this I watched all of Terri’s You Tube videos and was in awe of what she had accomplished even with her setbacks.

My first training session was in February 2016. I was scared, ashamed of how I had let myself go but mostly excited to finally get the help and support I needed. Walking into Terrific Fitness was like walking into a family. The staff were so supportive encouraging friendly and informative.

I had gone from barely being able to get up off the floor and now I am able to hold a plank, push ups [on toes], sit ups, hold myself off the ground on the monkey bars and I give everything a go without hesitation.  My energy and fitness levels are now insane, I still look in the mirror and cannot believe what I have achieved.

Today I have lost a total of 77 kilos and I can thank Terrific Fitness for my latest 30 kilo loss. I can now walk into any shop and I am confident knowing that I will find something to wear. I was always a confident person but losing this weight and regaining my fitness has given me a new lease of life both physically and mentally. 

I have made some great lifelong friends through training at Terrific, people that are in the same mindset as me and on the same journey.

I would like to conclude that if my journey so far with Terrific Fitness  can inspire just ONE person who wants to lose weight, regain the old you and improve your fitness then Terrific Fitness is for you as they simply are Terrific x.” – Jessica Harkom, Epping

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer