Transformation – Jo Pascuzzi

*September’s Profile of the Month is our beautiful, super hard working Jo Pascuzzi. Jo started with TF in June 2015, shy, quiet and very reserved. She had minimal strength and fitness and was very nervous, right from Orientation night. As you will hear from Jo, she started off doing her burpees and push ups with her hands against the wall until she built the strength and confidence to progress. Today Jo does push ups on her toes on the floor and her burpees on the floor with a push up thrown in for good measure! She is a little power house! Her strength and fitness has come leaps and bounds!

She has done an incredible job with her physique leaning up immensely, particularly over the last few months since making some lifestyle changes. She has lost a total of 100.5cm from around her body since she started in June 2015. 35.5cm has gone just in the last 10 weeks!  With the introduction of our Body Sculpting Transformation Manual in this current round, Jo has taken her transformation to the next level!

The biggest stand out however is Jo’s demeanour. Holy moly! What a difference! From her stature to her smile, from her confidence chatting in a group to her cheeky sense of humour. Jo is the perfect example of unleashing the best version of yourself. It’s not about the size or the ability; it’s about what happens inside in someone’s heart, mind and soul. Jo shines now. Her true self has been unleashed and I am so proud and inspired by her. Jo is such an incredible and loving woman I am so happy that she is finally happy within herself as well. That’s what makes being a PT so incredible; seeing the life changes in people. Jo, you rock!!!

Let’s hear from Jo:

I grew up on the bigger side most of my teens and was never the sporty type. In my 20’s before getting married I lost around 15kgs and was happy and comfortable with my weight.

After getting married I started to slowly put the kilos on.  A couple of years later I got pregnant, but sadly I had a miscarriage.  I then got pregnant again with my daughter and that, is when I found it harder to lose the weight and instead, put more weight on. 5 years on I had my son and a year later we went overseas; that’s when I hit my heaviest, 99.9kg.

I would join gym after gym to only get bored and waste my money by not going! I had also tried all the diets out there (Jenny Craig, Light & Easy etc.), to lose some weight and then put it all back on and more.

I knew I was big but it would hit me more when I saw photos of myself which I hate taking or when I would have to buy size 18 clothing!

In October 2014 I decided enough was enough after hitting my heaviest! I was sick and tired of always being the big person. After talking to my sister and a cousin of mine and hearing how well they were doing with their fitness and training I knew I needed to start doing something; they both gave me that push. I started to watch what I ate and ate smaller portions. I got myself a fit bit and started walking every day and managed to lose 9kgs. 7 months into it, I could not lose anymore and I knew my body needed something different to get moving again, so I decided it was time to start looking for a new gym or trainer.  I also had my brother’s wedding in August and I wanted to lose more kgs to be able to find a nice outfit for the big day.

After searching a heap of local gyms online, TF popped up on my Facebook newsfeed and I decided to look into it. What caught my eye about TF was that it was not a gym, it was classes which I knew would not bore me like the gym had in the past… I watched ALL the workout videos on Instagram and You Tube over and over for nearly 2 weeks. Seeing both small and large people in these classes I felt like I could fit in. I got the courage to message Terri and enquire further. Terri made me feel so comfortable straight away that I signed up for the next round!

I started off with 2 classes a week Tuesday night boxing and Wednesday night fitness circuit and had in mind to do only the 8 weeks to lose weight for my brother’s wedding and then leave…..2 years later I am still at TF training 2, 3 or sometimes 4 nights a week doing circuit, HIIT and Boxing. I started off doing burpees and push ups on the wall. Now can do them on the floor.

I love training each week, I don’t feel like I need to push myself to go, it’s just my normal routine now and if I can’t go to a class I make sure I make up a class instead of just cancelling.

I started off watching what I eat and cutting down which worked for a while, then late last year after losing around 17kgs my weight loss had stop again. After speaking to both Terri and Tania they suggested I book in for muscle testing with Terri and I found out I needed to go Gluten & Dairy Free which I started January this year. At first I found it a little hard but the more and more I did it, I was able to stick to it.  Combined with doing GF & DF I then started off this round with the new program doing meal preps and that is where I have noticed the big change and weight loss; a total of nearly 21kgs now. I also don’t feel bloated like I used to and am now regular. I’ve been training with TF for 2 years and 2 months.

I am now healthier, fitter, happier and stronger. I no longer look at this as a diet, but as a lifestyle change where I just eat clean most of the time and love to train every single week! 

I finally feel good about myself again and over the moon I no longer have to buy size 16 or 18! I am more confident in the way I dress and I am a happier person.

It’s my me time…being busy with 2 kids, I love that I go can go for an hour, get my butt kicked lol and I also enjoy the time working out with other wonderful people trying to achieve their own goals.

[When asked ‘What would you say to someone thinking about joining Terrific Fitness?’] Do it, you will not regret it!! I was nervous at first as it was the first time doing something like this on my own, but I knew I had to, and not only has it changed my life, I have met some wonderful beautiful ladies I can now call my close dear friends!  The trainers are amazing and make you feel so welcome, comfortable and are so supportive! They are a big part of what makes training at TF amazing!!  My 2 kids Christina & Natale also do Terrific Fit Kids and love it, they also adore the trainers….if only I can now push my husband to join!” – Jo Pascuzzi, South Morang

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer