Transformation – John McPherson

John McPherson before & After*John has lost a ridiculous amount of weight since joining us 12 months ago. How much? John’s last measurements were conducted in December 2013 at the end of our last round. In those 9 months he lost 8cm from his chest, 15cm from his waist and 4cm from his hips, with his overall reduction being a total of 35.5 cm from around his body. We will be measuring again in 3 weeks at the end of this round of training, and I can assure you it is heaps more since December! Is this the reason he is Profile of the Month? Hell no! Though that in itself is phenomenal! I have selected John as the POM because of the dramatic changes he has made to his nutrition, his flexibility and above all, his coordination.

When John first submitted a food diary to me, I can honestly say I took a deep breath and prepared myself for a long journey. John’s nutrition was devastating. However John is the sort of man that takes everything you teach him, on board and runs with it. Within a month, he had gone from point A to point X; not B!!! I was astounded! I couldn’t believe how much he changed! And he did so willingly and enjoying the journey. John has maintained his new found wholesome fresh nutrition for 12 months now; yes he enjoyed a treat, but he now knows it’s a treat, not a way of life.

John’s flexibility and coordination were such a massive challenge for him, I was always concerned he would sustain an injury whilst trying to master things; and I’m talking about Calisthenics here, I’m talking a lunge, a star jump, the basics. Today, John’s coordination is unbelievable and so is his joint full range of motion. This means that he is able to move his joints more freely which helps with his strength training and improves his ability to challenge his power lifting. He is enjoying scuba diving more and more being able to move more freely in his own body and being able to control his Oxygen consumption.

Let’s hear what John has to say about his journey:

“I started my goals were to lose weight (decrease my size). My size had increased over the years due to poor eating habits and not exercising properly. I have attended a gym for years focusing on weights and had bulked up doing power lifting which I loved. Strength was never a problem but with this and my desire to lift heavier weights (I am quite competitive) lend to problems with coordination, flexibility and minimal cardio. This became more evident when I would scuba dive; I struggled when I worked in my gear and that my O2 consumption increased. My self-esteem was okay but was concerned about my weight and the increased health risks associated with it. I slept poorly, felt bloated, was tired, poor energy levels. I was becoming frustrated with my weight and the inability to change.

I chose TF after seeing the benefits gained by Rachael Chapple [Rachael I now one of our Trainers; she started off as a client and personal friends with John]. It was an amazing transformation I also find training with a trainer and a group highly motivating.

My eating habits have changed drastically over the last 9 months. This is a work in progress. I now eat regularly. I eat breakfast. I plan and prepare meals (e.g.. I take a lunch to work). I no longer eat sugar. I found doing the [food] diary a great help at the star of this journey, and will do a workshop in the future to learn more about food.

The benefits have been amazing and sustainable. Improved coordination, flexibility, stamina, cardio, most importantly I have maintained my strength, and added bonuses have been a decrease in injuries, weight loss and a drop in body size.

I feel fantastic and feel I have achieved some goals and well and truly on the way to achieve other goals. I have greatly improved my fitness levels and I feel this has had a dramatic effort on my overall health.

I love training so also keen to get off the couch. Life is too short to spend your days sitting on a couch doing nothing.

I would recommend TF, to anyone; “YOU LEARN, TRAIN, AND HAVE FUN AT THE SAME TIME.” – John McPherson, Clifton Hill

I am so super proud of John, I can’t even put it into words. He is an absolute star to train and I love him to bits! I am truly blessed he chose my team to help him along his journey, specially considering he travels from Clifton Hill to Mill Park to join me. Awesome achievements John!!!

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer