Transformation – Joseph Basile

*Joe joined us with the scope to improve his health, reduce his cholesterol and regulate his blood pressure. In the 6 months hjoseph-basilee has been training with us he has achieved this and sooooo much more!!! Joe was on medication for cholesterol and could never quite reduce it. Since working closely with Terrific Fitness his cholesterol has now come down to the normal healthy range, as per traditional blood test results. His blood sugar levels, have also reduced.

Joe started out as a man who couldn’t get through one training session without having to stop every few minutes due to dizziness;he now smashes out his sessions and hardly ever has to stop. When we met him, singlets and muscle tops weren’t even in his vocab let alone in his wardrobe. Now, Joe wears them with pride and looks amazing in them. Joe was a man that barely stated 2 words, super quiet and shy. Now we see his bright infectious smile and share in his jokes with his wicked sense of humour. The person we see emerging has always existed inside, he was just tucked away. Now we see Joe unleashing the best version of himself.

In the last 6 months, since joining TF, Joe has lost a total of 42.5cm to date, and has seen the most incredible results in his Body Composition Analysis (BCA). When comparing his BCA from August 2016 to December 2016, Joe has lost 3.8kg of pure body fat, or 4%. Joe has built an extra 3.8% pure muscle mass and has reduced his visceral fat by 2 levels!!! He has sped up his Basal Metabolic Rate by 28 kcal, meaning his body is more efficient at burning fat and energy.

However the most profound change would have to be in Joes’ metabolic age. That is the aging process of his body. This shows the deterioration in a person’s body and the prospective longevity of their life. In August, Joe’s metabolic age was 49. That’s 10 years older than his actual age. This means that Joe’s body was aging faster than his actual years. Today, Joe’s metabolic age is 36!!! That means he is now physically younger than his years! In just 4 months, Joe has improved his health by 13 years!!! The health results for Joe, far outweigh any focus on just weight loss. It’s about giving a person their quality and quantity of life that they deserve. It’s about giving them life. I couldn’t be more proud of Joe if I tried. Congratulations Joe! You have done an incredible job and deserve every single success, because you have certainly earned it!!!

As Joe has been PTing with Coach Tania, I thought I would get some input from her on Joe’s journey too. Here is what Coach Tania had to say

When I first started training Joe his PT training sessions were challenging. Things that people take for granted such as up and down movements and getting their heart rate up, were an extreme challenge for Joe. I could see in his eyes how badly he wanted it, so it just killed me that his body wouldn’t allow him to do so. So, we took every session slow, stopped when he needed to and started removing up and down movements to one per session. The first few weeks passed by and Joe started to understand how his body would react to different movements. Then, there was no stopping him. Finally, Joe could give it everything. His strength and conditioning improved, he could do more and more with every session, he loved training.

Recently I conducted Joes BCA which I had done 3 months earlier and his results blew my mind. Terri has explained those results, but to sit next to Joe when he received those results would have to be one of the best moments as a PT that I have ever experienced. The emotion that went with those results were AWESOME. In Joe’s words, it doesn’t matter about the BCA competition, I’ve got my health back, for me, that was the best feeling in the world.

Joe, I am extremely proud of how far you have come. From where you started to now, it’s just incredible. Your story is truly unique, but it’s a story that shows commitment, strength and determination. You never ever gave in and for that, you should be proud. Congratulations on what you have achieved, you are an incredible person and I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to train you. Keep kicking those goals Joe and thank you for inspiring me!

Here is Joe’s story, in his words:

“I was overweight, low energy, and my fitness level was non-existent. My Health was not good for my age, my doctor constantly prompting me to exercise to reduce my weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. My lifestyle consisted of constantly working and when I had weekends free with the family, usually ended up with me on the couch because I was always too exhausted. I found it hard to keep up with the kids.

[What was it that lead to you deciding to look for a Personal Trainer?] A combination of things; seeing my wife changing week by week as she trained and wanting to improve my overall health as I have had elevated blood pressure and cholesterol issues for quite some time.

Seeing the results my wife was getting at Terrific Fitness after 6 months and the support she was getting from the trainers [led to me choosing TF].

I started off with one class the first round, that being FITNESS Circuit, which I could barely finish any of the exercises without feeling I was going to pass out, due to being unfit and health issues. Therefore I decided to do PT also, where I could have exercises catered for me and learn my limits. Currently I’m doing 2 classes this round and my fitness has improved that I’m able to do Boot-camp & Resistance HIIT.

I stopped having takeaway and a lot of processed foods. Our household is Gluten & Dairy Free due to allergies so eating GF & DF meals. Also watching the carbs I eat and eating more good fat foods (much to the contrary belief that good fat leads to Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure) which has led to me losing CM’s and KG’s and reducing my Blood Pressure and Cholesterol! And, I’ve only been with Terrific Fitness for 6 months

Today I’m a lot fitter, more energetic, I make time for exercising where in the past I always made excuses to not do it. I am able to keep up with the kids. Overall I feel better about myself and more confident. I have a healthier lifestyle.

[What really gets you out of your comfy lounge to attend training?] Seeing the results is the motivation and not wanting to go back to my old self.

[What would you say to someone thinking of getting started with Terrific Fitness?]You’ve got nothing to lose except cm’s and weight!! The Trainers are always there to support you and watch out for you and you end up building great friendships with them. Terrific Fitness is not like a gym, no judgment by others training or the Trainers, it’s a great community environment.” – Joseph Basile, Thomastown

*Training and Weight Loss Disclaimer