Transformation – Kaliroy Kanavos

Kaliroy As At 25-08-16*Our Profile of the month this month is our very talented and amazing Kaliroy Kanavos.  When Kaliroy first joined us 4 years ago, she wanted to be stronger and fitter but wasn’t quite ready with her mindset to make the full commitment. She would attend class but looked for the easier option, which was fine, nothing wrong with that; just different to whom she is today. Kaliroy then fell pregnant to her gorgeous little spunky man and went off to bring her third child into this world. When she returned she came back ready to rock and roll! Her mindset was on a whole new level and she hasn’t stopped since. Kaliroy has gained incredible strength and is now super fit and totally dedicated to her health and fitness and the health and fitness of her family. Recently in her sled pulls she managed to pull heavier than her own body weight.  Kaliroy is the perfect student; she ask questions so she can clarify things and learn, she takes on board everything her coaches teach her, she has made incredible changes to her nutrition and lifestyle and is training super hard.

Kaliroy’s story was never about any huge weight loss. It was more about becoming more sculptured and healthy and feeling good about herself. It is a journey of self-love. And she has certainly achieved that and more, even with all of her restrictions and dental procedures. She has always found a way to stick to her goals, despite everything.

“When I was in my younger years I wasn’t a skinny girl and always got bullied over it. It scared me. When I was at the age of 13 I moved to Greece and lived there for 10 years. When I moved there with all the yummy oily and fattening food I ate, I reached 65 kilos. For my age and height I was overweight. At the age of 16 I started singing professionally in Greece and then I really put it in my head that, that I had to lose weight. I wasn’t happy or comfortable with myself. I went to a Greek dietitian and he put me on a diet; the type of diet that’s not in our books now lol. It was eating low fat products and eating small portions. But I lost 15 kilos and was so much happier with myself. After that I joined a gym, did a bit of cardio work but was never motivated to go there every day. So I was on and off. Then I started traveling a lot with my singing on the Greek islands and villages, and then in Germany and New York so I wasn’t training. I just watched what I ate; but was eating small portions and low fat staff. I even did the starving diet lol many many times. I came back to Australia after 10 years. I got approached to come and sing here. I was 22 years old. At that stage I was 49 kilos.

Then in the year 2006 I had my first child I only put on 8 kilos. I didn’t have a good pregnancy and had bad morning sickness and instead of putting on weight I lost weight. Then when I started to feel better all up I put 8 kilos.

Then when I had her I lost it straight away. I did some personal training and walked a lot watched what I ate. Then I got pregnant after 8 months in 2007 and put on 8 kilos again and had my second child. I lost it all again but at that stage I had a lot of problems in my life and I stopped eating I was almost anorexic at 45 kilos.

I really wasn’t a fan of going to the gym but always followed a diet and starved myself to stay slim.

My dream was always to tone my body and very got motivated.

I was sick of putting on and losing weight. It wasn’t much up and down, I would put 3 to 4 kilos and would follow diets to lose it. I have tried it all that’s out there lol. I said to myself, I really need to go to gym if I want to tone and maintain my weight. So a friend introduced me to a boot camp that was early in the morning. I had to get up 5:30am to be there at 6am did it for 2 months and got sick of getting up so early mornings so started asking around for another boot camp. And that’s how I found Terrific Fitness. I always found going to a gym was boring and didn’t get motivated. I loved the Bootcamp because it was with a group it was more fun than going to the gym.

I heard about Terrific Fitness from a friend and so in 2012 I joined. When I met Terri I absolutely loved it there. Then got pregnant to my third. I took a break with pregnancy which wasn’t a good one. I had really bad morning sickness again and was in and out of hospital. I nearly had the baby at 26 weeks of pregnancy. I had him in April 2013. Not long after that I joined Terrific Fitness again and introduced a friend to come along with me..

As I mentioned before I always tried to make an effort to go to training but was never fully committed. Due to my circumstances at home I didn’t have help and was suffering anxiety and depression. That led me to lack energy and motivation. I saw [in consultations]Terri many times; we had lots off chats then attended most of her seminars and that slowly slowly started to change me. My mindset as she calls it.

I had my jaw surgery last year in September so didn’t train for about 4 weeks, if I can remember correctly.  I was waiting to heal. In those weeks being stuck pretty much at home I really started putting down my goals and mindset that I really want to make my dream come true. Toning my body and getting my health together. So once I was healed straight away I came back to training with a bigger and better mindset to making my goals come true. Ever since I have been working my ass off lol I’m so motivated and have built so much energy with healthy eating and motivation. I have built strength and feel so much fitter.

I haven’t reached to where I really want to be and I know I’m going to get there. But my results are amazing. And that’s what’s motivating me the most to keep doing what I’m doing. And the fact that I’m in such an amazing environment with beautiful people like Terri and the wonderful inspiring ladies is always what keeps me going. I love and enjoy and have a ball at the studio. It’s become the best part of my day.

I changed my eating habits straight after Terri’s first seminar I attend a few years ago then got a test done and discovered my food allergies. And also by having nutrition counselling with Terri; it helped me learn how and what to eat.

My life before was all over the place when it came to food and exercise as I mentioned in previously. It has changed dramatically now because I train 3 times a week and when I have my free classes I train 4 times in that week; I have never trained so much in my life and never committed to a fitness class for so long like I have with Terrific Fitness. I eat healthier I even eat the good fats that I always stayed away from, for example organic butter , ghee and the skin on the chicken omg lol I always got told that by eating all that you get fat haha. But I want to say that not only have I changed my life I have changed my whole family’s too. They mainly eat what I eat.

[When asked ‘How do you feel about yourself now?’] I’m gonna be honest I feel great about myself, I feel so much fitter and healthier. I don’t suffer depression anymore but occasionally I still suffer anxiety and it leads me to hospital because I get short of breath. But the truth is that I haven’t fully reached my goals and I’m working hard to reach them.

I’m not a couch person at all. I pretty much don’t sit on a couch or even watch TV lol. I’m Always on the go and on my feet. Before I attend my training classes I’m always washing dishes. My motivation to get out of home to come to training is that I really want to reach my goals.

[When asked ‘What would you say to something thinking of training with Terrific Fitness?’] This is something I do already. I speak highly about Terrific Fitness to ppl. I’ve told everyone how fantastic your group classes are. And I advise them to come and check it out and give it ago. I wouldn’t change Terrific Fitness for anyone’s fitness group out there. I absolutely enjoy and love training with you and your staff.” – Kaliroy Kanavos, Mill Park

 *Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer