Transformation – Kara Tomat

*Kara Tomat came to TF a quiet sullen young lady, very underweight, very undernourished, with little energy and a desperate look in her eye. She pleaded for help to overcome some serious issues and became the perfect student. She asked a million questions, listened intently to my answers and took on board every single little thing I taught her. She learned to eat again, having suffered borderline anorexia, and to believe in herself and to even accept compliments that people gave her. Her journey is not a weight loss journey. It is a journey of a young woman lost, desperate and very ill. She has conquered her demons, raised above them to shine at the other end.
Kara started to eat wholesome nutritious food, put on some weight and nourished her body. With the extra fuel, hard work and dedication, she is now a vibrant, strong, powerful and extremely healthy (both mentally and physically) young woman, and an inspiration to everyone around her. She has stopped beating her body up and started treating it as the temple it is. She respects herself and everyone around her and commits to life with energy and enthusiasm rarely seen today. I am so ridiculously proud of this amazing young woman that I sit in tears and I write this. I have never nominated her for profile of the month as I was always too scared of freaking her out, knowing how fragile she once was. So to be able to share her story with you today is an honor and a privilege. She is an inspiration and an excellent role model to all young ladies who has body image issues. Her message is one that informs people that starving yourself to look skinny, is not the answer to a healthy strong and happy body. God Bless you Kara.
“After struggling for years with body image issues and getting to the point where I was borderline anorexic (getting down to a staggering 40 kilograms) where there would be times I wouldn’t eat for days. I decided to join Terrific Fitness to not only improve my health and fitness, but my mind. I’ve been a member for over a year and can’t be happier. Standing at 158cm tall and now weighing a healthy 56 kilograms; I look back at those sickening unhealthy photos and think WTF was I thinking?
I owe everything to my fantastic trainer Terri for helping me overcome so many issues. Terri has taught and given me knowledge of nutrition (now eating 6 meals a day) and health but most of all strength. She has been there for me through thick and thin, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Getting pushed to the absolute limit and sweating it out 3-4 times to see results, is what it’s all about!! Also would like to thank Daniel and Theo.” – Kara Tomat, Greensborough