Transformation – Kristie Harris

Kristie Harris - before and after*Kristie joined us 12 months ago in June last year. She was always a bubbly person who worked hard, a total pleasure to train. Today she is totally vivacious, extroverted beyond words and so totally inspiring and motivating to everyone who trains around her. Nothing is too much to ask of her; she attempts anything and everything with 100% commitment and dedication. Even when she has had injuries, she has taken the options we offer and continued working at 110%. Nothing is stopping this woman! Kristie has successfully lost a total of 48cm from around her body; this translates to a total of 73.49% improvement when I compare her very first measurements to her latest ones!!! These are some seriously phenomenal figures! Having said all that though, I am not nominating her for just her successful weight loss. The personality that has unleashed in the last 12 months is something I cannot describe in words. Kristie does not enter the room, she explodes into it. She does not smile, she beams. She does not talk, she chatters. She is super warm, loving and totally beautiful inside and out, and encourages all of her team mates to continue on their own journey with her ongoing inspiration and motivation, pushing them forward. She has exactly what we need more of in this industry. It’s a shame she is not a Personal Trainer. She would make a remarkable one! Enough from me, let’s hear from Kristie:“This has changed my life and I’m forever grateful!!! I’m actually holding back tears as I write this because I don’t think you fully understand how much you motivate me and have helped me overcome my demons. Life is there for living and that’s exactly what I’m doing!! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!! xoxoxoxox

I have trained on and off for years and was always into my sport but then my social life took over and so did booze. I always thought I would start dieting tomorrow and it became a habit and when I did the “diet”, I went to weight watchers, tried lean cuisine, ate salad and starved, I might add. I never saw result because my food counteracted everything I was trying to achieve!!! Never realized why I couldn’t shift the weight, after all I was eating all the right foods??? Bullshit!!! I was feeding my addiction of sugar and starving myself, therefore couldn’t sustain my energy. I have always been a really confident person but after years of yo yo dieting and getting old, my self-confidence took a real dive, I didn’t feel pretty anymore, fit or healthy.

I had a PT previously and I loved the closeness of it all. But I also developed a friendship with the trainer which made it more of a social event and I lost the love of training because I didn’t feel they were pushing me to my potential. But in the end I realized that it wasn’t them, it was me! My heart wasn’t in it anymore. So last year I eventually took the plunge again because I missed that feeling of sweating and working hard! I love feeling sore, it means I have worked hard.

I was referred by some dear friends who said it was nothing like they had experienced before. They raved about Terri and how personable she was and how she put her heart and soul in helping people achieve their goals but also encourage them to change their mindset. I’m so grateful to those friends because this has changed my life!!! I love how there is always an exercise I have never seen or done before and the trainers always challenge to go up a level. Never experienced a more motivated bunch of people that have your best interests at heart.

I started training 3 days a week and have continued that. I’m doing 2 days boxing and 1 day circuit. I also do Clinical Pilates & Bikram yoga on some other days depending on the week. I need to train to keep sane!!! I put in everything I have at training, I prepare myself mentally before each class and remind myself why I’m doing this and that is to have a healthy body & mind.

After attending the Nutrition workshop last year, I have drastically changed the way I look at food. I no longer eat emotionally which I think a lot of us can relate to, I eat to fuel my body. I am so much more knowledgeable now and I’m always prepared with my food. I have changed my lifestyle to incorporate what I learned. As Terri said “you can’t un-know what you know”, very wise words!! It hasn’t been easy but I keep remembering why I’m doing this and how I feel each day, it’s enough to change my mind very quickly when it comes to choosing food.

I started training July 2013 but had major surgery so had to have about 7 weeks off.

I no longer feel the need to go out and have to drink to have fun! I prefer to try a new exercise. I think so much clearer now and make better decisions… It’s amazing how your body reacts when you are kind to it!!

My life is going great guns; I have so much to look forward to all the time. I’m excited to come to training; I’m excited to do everyday things, like wake up each day!! My self-confidence is back to where it should be and I love who I am! I still have a way to go but I’m prepared to work hard and eat right to get to my goals.

The fact that Terrific Fitness treats me like part of the family and have the same mentality as me gets me off the couch.. I also love to sweat and feel the burn!!! Also watching my body change is incredibly rewarding.

 What are you waiting for???? I don’t regret anything in my life, I’m thankful that I found a great fitness company to share the journey with.” Kristie Harris

Kristie you are an amazing young woman. You inspire me every day, and I thank you for being part of our team and allowing me to be part of your personal journey. I love you to bits hun! xx

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer