Transformation – Laura Nixon

Laura Nixon - before and after*Laura Nixon has dropped 10cm from her chest, 9cm her waist, 8cm from her hips, 5cm from her legs, and 3cm from her arms, from day one till today. Though she has been with TF for over 12 months, she had only dropped a centimeter here and there, gaining back, losing it etc, until October. From October 2012, Laura got serious.

“Before I met my partner Ben, I was quite active dancing three times a week and doing yoga the rest of the time with the occasional Zumba class and trips to the gym. Over time dancing took its toll on my right hip joint and I found it was time to give it away. Then I met Ben, he sent my confidence to an all-time high and made me feel the best I have ever felt about myself, but I got way to comfortable and my weight ballooned out of control and my confidence slowly diminished with it. 

When I started with Terrific Fitness I had the attitude that all I needed to do to get back in shape, was become more active. It then become clear to me after months and months of less than satisfying results that nutrition and eating habits account for more of a percentage in your overall results than activity, so it was time to start becoming strict and zoning in on where I was making my mistakes in my diet. SUGAR, sums up my bad eating habits in one word. Until I actually took a good hard look at my diet I didn’t realise how many hidden sugars I was consuming in foods I was consuming every day. And kicking the sugar habit wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It wasn’t until late October 2012 that I really got serious about my diet (if I’m honest). I now plan all my meals breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and make sure I take my lunch and snacks to work with me every day to avoid binging on something I shouldn’t. Planning is the key. I don’t miss sugar at all now in fact when I do have it (which isn’t very often) I find I can’t have too much of it or I just don’t like it. I look forward to my boot camp and boxing classes every week and feel fitter and stronger than I have in a long time there is something about training that is invigorating and gives me a sense of self accomplishment and confidence. 

When it came to measurement week this time around I almost wasn’t going to get my measurements, my father passed away unexpectedly 2 months before my wedding day I have been dealing with lots of stress and missing more than a few boot camp classes my eating habits were also terrible (just wasn’t eating much at all which I know is terrible). But I had to see if my hard work over the previous months had paid off as I felt like I had changed a lot in terms if nutrition. 

Terri has been an amazing trainer and friend throughout this time in my life and I couldn’t ask or a better support system around me. 

So to anyone that is thinking about starting boot camp stop thinking about it and just do it. If you looking for a trainer that truly has your best interest at heart, kicks you ass when your need it (in a training sense) but also comprises a great support network of other strong men and women that all started out in the same position, that will give you nutritional advice and support and go the extra mile for you. You need to stop looking cos you have found all you need in the one place. 

I couldn’t thank the trainers and terrific fitness team enough for helping me get to this point :)”

Laura Nixon, Thomastown

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer