Transformation – Lauren Ioannou

*Lauren started training with TF in March 2014. When Lauren joined us she was a very quiet and reserved young lady. Her lips would smile, but the smile wouldn’t often reach her eyes. She struggled through the exercises, coaxing her unaccustomed body through the vigor of activity. Every week I saw Lauren become that little bit stronger, that little bit fitter and the smile brighten just that little bit more.

Today Lauren ploughs through her exercises like a machine. She is confident in her technique, strength and fitness and accepts every challenge head on. Her smile more than reaches her eyes, brightening up the room every time she walks in. She is the bubbliest person, full of joyful chatter and interaction, but not to the point it distracts her from her goals. When it comes time to work, Lauren is totally focused and in the zone.

Lauren has made it a point to cover all aspects of changes to help Unleash the Best Version of Herself. She realized from day dot that it’s not just about the exercise, that there are some other lifestyle changes that are required in order to go from point A to point B. Lauren asks questions and listens intently to the answers in all areas of exercise, lifestyle and nutrition. She is an avid learner, taking on-board everything she is taught. She attended one of our Nutrition Workshops and walked away fully armed and empowered. From that day forth her journey took a whole new road.

To date Lauren has lost a total of 64cm, with 16cm being from her waist. She is only 8cm off being in the safe zone for her waste measurements. She is also starting to show definition in her arms, allowing all her hard work to shine through. I am so proud of Lauren and everything she has achieved under her circumstances. She is walking proof that if you want to get something done, nothing stands in your way; no personal issues, no lack of motivation, not tiredness or even travel, is going to stop this young woman on a mission. She takes each obstacle and shoves it aside, ploughing forward. Watch this space, Lauren is going places!!! You go girl!!!

Let’s hear what Lauren has to share about her journey to date:

“Over the last few years I had put on quite a bit of weight, wasn’t at all happy with my weight, had tried dieting a few times but nothing worked. I also had asthma fits when I tried exercising, so gave up quickly.   At the beginning of the year, I went through some tough times having lost a family member.  My stress levels were higher than ever and I became reserved and depressed which made me not want to see or speak to anyone. My fitness level was low; I didn’t do much during the day as I wasn’t working at the time and I would just stay home and watch TV.  My asthma would flair up constantly because I would get sick with colds and the flu, my immune system was down.

What lead me to look for a Trainer was the results I saw in my sister in laws (Nat & Liz), plus I needed to do something about my health and fitness. Having a European background my family like to eat (the bad stuff) and I didn’t want to end up overweight and sick because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

I chose TF because I knew a few people who were already training there, saw their achievements over time and that motivated me to join!

I found it difficult to attend more than twice a week as I live in Burwood and work in Wantirna however, by consistently attending 2 sessions a week, I am reaching my goal!   I have also been going for walks/runs recently and even include squats and planks at home when I remember. Now my sister has even joined me at TF.

[When asked if she changed her nutrition] Yes, when I started training I wanted to take it seriously and I immediately cut out Bread, Pasta and even went on 5 week chocolate ban.

After attending the Nutrition Workshop it opened my eyes up about how certain foods are good and bad for you. As I left the workshop I called my mum and said you need to throw all the “butter” (margarine), trans fats out.  I still have slip ups and don’t eat 100% clean but it is a work in progress!

I started training with TF at the end of March 2014, and I am so happy I joined because the results that I have seen in that short amount of time are incredible! I never knew I was capable of such an achievement.    I am not sure of how much I weighed when I began but I am sure I have lost at least 10kg.

This has definitely changed my life as I have more energy, I feel healthier, and my self confidence has increased.   I am a much happier person always smiling now.  I love training and wouldn’t miss it for the world!

I am more confident in my body, healthier and fitter.  Each day my willpower grows stronger and I am more motivated to do things that I would never normally do – for example,  go for a run (I have never run in my life).  I can see the continual results in my body, my clothes are much looser and I can’t wait to get to my goal.

This is the first time I have enjoyed training, there have been days where I am so tired from work and I can’t be bothered driving an hour to legs class or circuit but I somehow find the motivation to get myself there!.  I have always joined gyms and only attended for a month or so before losing interest very quickly and watching the money disappear from my account each fortnight. 

 [What would I say to someone thinking about joining TF] Just do it! What have you got to lose? ” – Lauren Ioannou (Burwood)

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer