Transformation – Lisa McLeish

March’s Profile of the month is our very own Coach Lisa McLeish. Lisa has been training with TF since April 2013. She eventually obtained her Personal Training qualification and came on board as one of our Personal Trainers having transformed her entire lifestyle from her training, to nutrition, to mindset and that of her family’s. Despite all of this Lisa was still struggling to lean up those final stages. She had certainly leaned up, but was not where she wanted to be. We adjusted her food tremendously to really ascertain what was going on as she had a reaction with many types of foods. Once we managed to establish all her sensitivities and allergies we focused on her sleep. Obviously as a mum of a pre-schooler, it still isn’t perfect but it is certainly a zillion times better.

Lisa has always worked super hard at training and been the perfect student, implementing whatever strategy I recommended to move her forward. She has become so in tune with her body that she knows immediately when something she has eaten isn’t right for her body and identifies the reaction straight away. Half the battle for people is learning how to speak body, and understand what their body is trying to tell them, compared to ‘oh this must be normal’. Lisa has become a master of it!

The final move was a complete detox to help rid her body of toxins that had built up from the days of consuming allergy food. Since this phase Lisa has taken her transformation to the next level. This has not been a liquid detox. We have not removed one ounce of food from her nutrition. It has been a supplementary detox to support her food.

Lisa has lost a total of 79cm from around her body since having Lily and returning to training in January 2015. 42.5cm of which has been since January 2018, even before the detox. We finally found and eliminated all the allergens and then finally detoxed. The problem with allergens and toxins are that they cause inflammation around the body, which makes the body swell. Lisa never ate bad or was inactive; she was inflamed. It’s so awesome to finally see her body thriving on her food without battling things others can consume quite freely.

Lisa is an incredible woman, wife and mother and an amazing coach who I value completely. I absolutely adore her and am so so so inspired by her tenacity and drive! Our clients are extremely lucky to have her, as am I! You go girl!!!

Here is Lisa’s story, in her words:

“[Before TF] I was working full time as a secondary school teacher so my life was quite busy and stressful. I was always bringing work home and staying up late. Insomnia was a big problem for me. I was attending a gym as regularly as I could, maybe 2-3 times per week but mainly focusing on cardio workouts and light weights and I played netball once a week. I also enjoyed going for walks and was trying to build up to be able to run 5 min without stopping. I was probably a size 10-12, but I always had a huge tummy. No matter how much I worked out, I could never get the muffin top to budge. 

I saw Terri’s article in Take 5 magazine in 2013 about how she changed her life around and is now inspiring others to eat like she does to get healthy. Her before and after photos were amazing and what I wished to look like, plus her suggestions were for eating real food, no gimmicks. When I saw she was local to me and she ran her fitness classes in Mill Park (back then), I knew I had to join and learn as much as I could. 

I started off in 2013 attending one Fitness Circuit class per week with my Husband. It was something we could do together and we enjoyed challenging each other, trying to see who could lift heavier or jump further. Over the years due to my husband’s rotating shift work we swapped into many different classes: Fitness Circuit, Bootcamp, Boxing, Express Circuit and Resistance HIIT, we’ve done them all. After the birth of my daughter in 2014, I decided to take my health and fitness journey to the next level. I put on 15kg during my pregnancy and I wanted my pre-baby body back, so I started Personal Training sessions once per week with Terri while still attending 1-2 group fitness classes per week. Now I’m still doing PT with Terri every week, training myself twice per week, attending 1-2 group fitness classes and coaching 5 group fitness classes at TF myself. 

My eating habits are completely different now compared to before joining TF. I now no longer eat foods that upset my stomach and cause allergic reactions in my body. I always knew gluten containing foods like bread and pasta upset my digestion, but before joining TF, I never understood properly the reason behind all my pain. I now eat a gluten free diet, have eliminated my allergy foods of dairy, soy and some nuts. 

I’m eating more regularly, every 3-4 hours and my meals are always a decent size, I tend not to snack/graze during the day anymore. I’ve learnt how to build my plate of food and know when I can eat healthy carbs and still decrease body fat %. 

I’ve been training with TF since April 2013. I started PT in Jan 2015 (3 months after having my baby). I then completed my Cert 3 in Sept 2016 and Cert 4 in Dec 2017.

I’m the smallest measurements since I joined TF, even compared to my pre-pregnancy measurements. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and really enjoy weight training. I love pushing myself and getting new PB (personal best) results. 

I can’t believe that I’ve come so far in my personal fitness journey since being at TF. I’ve had my ups and downs, pregnancy and raising a little one certainly has had its challenges on keeping on track fitness wise, but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. I’m also proud of the positive health and fitness role model I’m being for my family too, especially my daughter. She enjoys eating the way I eat and loves the nutritious food I cook for her. 

TF is my happy place. When I first joined, attending Fitness Circuit was something fun and different to do each week, as no class was every repeated, compared to doing the same program at a gym every time. 

After having my daughter, I loved just getting out of the house for 1 hour per week to have ‘me’ time. Now training is what I do, I feel weird if I don’t train. It’s my lifestyle and gives me my happy hormones. 

There’s no better place to feel welcomed and supported in your fitness journey, no matter your starting point. The TF community is amazing and inspiring, everyone is so friendly and the coaches truly know their stuff.  You can’t help but feel motivated to smash your fitness goals.” – Lisa McLeish, Mernda


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