Transformation – Liz Quonoey

This month for Profile of the Month I have nominated someone who has already been a POTM! I have never done this before. However this person has come so far in their journey that it is only fitting that she be recognised for her hard work and dedication. I speak of none other than Liz Quonoey! Liz was Profile of the month in April 2017. You can see from the photos, just how much Liz has in fact changed since then, let alone since she first started her journey.

Liz is one of those people that either does something, or she doesn’t. Getting fit, healthy and strong, is something she does. Liz made the decision to change her life, and she did. Always smiling, she always turns up to training, eats well and enjoys life. That’s her formula. Simple, yet effective.

Since Liz joined us in April 2016 she has lost a whopping 25kg!!! That’s a total of 117cm from around her body with 29cm being from her waist and 20.5cm from her hips. She has also lost 15cm from each thigh. This is no easy feat and is not only to be commended, but it deserves to be shouted from the roof tops! Now this is what you call a ‘Transformation’! Look at the smile in her current photo!

Liz is an inspiration to every single person that meets her. She is an incredible woman and all of us coaches here at TF are super proud of her. Liz you are just awesome!! Keep kicking butt my love!!

I asked Liz to share a bit more about her journey with you thus far. Here’s what she had to say:

What has kept you going to not only maintain, but to improve on your health and fitness since your last profile write up?

Seeing results – weight loss, improved strength, achieving things I didn’t think were possible. Challenging myself. I have lost 25kg, shed body fat, increased muscle and reduced my metabolic age. The support from my trainers and training buddies and my weekly PT sessions with Coach Tan.

What is your favourite thing about your life today?

I’m in a great emotional head space!

What meal prep methods work for you? Can you give others any advice on how they too can master eating well?

Having a weekly meal plan with the right foods for training and recovery, and being organised is vital. I buy and prep meals for the week on a Sunday. Veggies, chicken, meat are all prepared so meals can be made during the week. As I train most nights and sometimes not home until after 8.30 I need to have food prepared that I can easily be made into a nutritious meal.

I use the slow cooker all year round.

I don’t deprive myself of the occasional treat, but that’s what it is – occasional, my sometimes food. I have avoided my trigger foods – lollies, corn chips, biscuits – since the day I started as TF as I cannot stop at one. I have drastically reduced my fruit intake, which I used to devour, to reduce my sugar intake. I have been tested as dairy intolerant and have switched to almond milk.

How many times per week do you train? Can you give others any tips on how you manage to fit it into your busy life?

I do 4 classes and a PT session a week, and a clinical Pilates session for my back.

Instead of having a break over summer I signed up for the Summer Round, doing 2 or 3 classes a week.

I make training an essential part of my day. Training is not just about the exercise, it’s also an important social element where I get to hang out with great people.

I work in a challenging and demanding job and training is a great way to de-stress. Training for me is as important for my mental health as my physical health.

What does a typical couple of days look like for you?

I get up at 5.30, and take my greyhound Stevie for a walk. I am on the train into the city for work by 6.30. I have breakfast at work and it’s protein based – might be leftover chicken stir fry, beef stew, chops or chicken and eggs.

I have to eat the right food, and the right amount, to fuel my body for the training that I do. Mid-morning snack may be carrot and snow peas, some nuts and seeds or another breakfast. Depending on the weather lunch may be a salad with protein, minestrone soup, or crumbed chicken with zucchini noodles. Afternoon tea is another lunch then meatballs or chicken on the train home.

Once home it is another walk with Stevie before cooking a pre-training meal, and then off to training. I eat good carbs and protein before training. Post training it’s a normal meal which will be meat/chicken and veggies, always including sweet potato.

I drink 2 litres of water, lime juice tea and tea with almond milk each day. I have the occasional glass of champers, which is a treat.

My work is demanding, and may involve training or being in a courtroom for hours on end. I suffer from bad headaches and often the last thing I feel like doing after a challenging day is training, but I push through as I have goals to smash.

Besides the obvious, (that you looking sensational) what other benefits has your health and fitness journey brought into your life?

My goal when starting with TF was to feel better about myself. That goal was smashed early on.

Along with that has come increased mobility, confidence, friendship, fitness, strength, vastly improved emotional state, wonderful achievements, self-belief, pride, compliments, drop of 4 pant sizes, happiness and muscles.

How is Terrific Fitness different to other fitness companies?

TF cares about its clients. It is the most supportive training environment with awesome trainers and training buddies. It is my safe place where I am not judged, where we support and inspire each other.

I have injuries but refuse to let them define me and prevent me from training. I live daily with chronic pain. Wrist, back, knee, and hip issues and vertigo can prevent me from doing the demonstrated exercise but there are always options and I am never forced to do something that will cause bad pain or injury.

My weekly PT sessions with Tan has taken my training to a new level. I have dramatically increased my strength, flexibility and fitness and am achieving results I never thought possible.

If you could give other one piece of advice that would help them on their journey so that they can be as successful as you are in your journey, what would it be?

Be committed and focused.

Any final comments?

Motivation comes from within!


 *Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer