Transformation – Lynne Herbert

*I haLynne Herbert as at 30-05-16ve been watching Lynne quite intently over the past few months. She has a certain presence about her that you can’t help but watch. Lynne has absolutely blownmy mind! When she first joined TF in March last year she struggled with her training, coordination, strength and fitness. Today Lynne is a total power house! She ploughs through training, lifting crazy as s weights, head down, bum up, working your butt off! She takes everything Tania and I teach her on board, and implements whatever she needs in order to move forward with her goals and set an excellent example for her family.


Lynne is an absolute inspiration. She has successfully dropped 79.5cm from around her body to date, 19cm of which has been from her waist. I can’t even begin to describe how proud both Tan and I are, of her. Lynne my love, you are an excellent role model for your family, an inspiration to women everywhere, in particular Tania and I, your trainers. We absolutely love you to bits and are so crazy proud of how you have turned your life around in so many ways, when you very easily could have rolled over and sulked and delved into “Poor little old me syndrome”. You are an amazing woman! God bless.

Here is Lynne’s story:


Life before training – I thought my ‘life’ was pretty good. I had a wonderful family and a full and busy social life style. On looking back at my life maybe it was too full and not enough time for ‘me’ time. Some people in my life would have preferred that I was home with them rather than be ‘at the gym’ or at least that’s how I thought they felt. As good as I thought my life was I had no self-esteem and I hated my body and wanted no-one to see it. I did not feel ‘comfortable in my own skin’.  I was always suffering from Candida infections.  My fitness level was average as I have always walked to help fight a bit of depression especially after losing our eldest son tragically 19 years ago. I had very little strength in my upper body. I was hovering around an average dress size of 18 or an XXL. My complete wardrobe consisted of all different shades of ‘black’.  Evening wear was always ‘black on black’!


My daughter had joined TF as she, as I am, are family friends of Tania Passeri. After seeing the amazing transition in Tania we joined up doing one Express Circuit class a week. I really enjoyed the camaraderie from the other members in the group and I was inspired by other members of TF noticing the vast improvement in their body shapes also.


I started off doing one Express Circuit session a week.  Then I went to two sessions a week, one Express Circuit and one T.H.T.  Two rounds ago I had six free classes to use up over the round so I tried my hand at Boxing!  I found the boxing class very beneficial to body changes.  About six weeks ago I took the real plunge and signed up for one PT session per week with Tania.  We set some goals at the beginning of the PT sessions and I’m feeling and noticing the tone in my body changing each week. I actually really enjoy training!


I have made changes to my eating habits.  I started off changing some little but substantial things in my diet.  The first change was to give up Diet Coke!  I used to drink and did for many many years up to 3 litres of Diet Coke a day!  Now I don’t touch the stuff!  I only drink water and wine!  While I did change my eating habits I think the most significant thing I did was to attend the “Goals Workshop” last November.  This was about the same time that I had a very challenging negative situation in my life.  I learned at the workshop that if YOU want to change YOU, then it’s up to YOU to make the changes. YOU have to set the goals YOU want and plan the specific changes needed to get there.  I turned my negative situation into positive energy.  I started walking/jogging everyday – again for my own sanity and ate only ‘clean’ foods and trained hard walking lots over the summer holidays.  


Earlier this year I had an Applied Muscle Testing consultation with Terri and found I had several allergies: gluten, dairy, sesame seeds and lentils. Since cutting these allergens out I am feeling even better!

I have been training with TF since March 2015. I have noticed a massive difference in my energy levels.  I am not so tired any more.  I’m sleeping better and not looking for or craving foods to eat.  I seem to have a regular metabolism where I never used to. 


I am actually very proud of the changes I have made to my body and to my eating habits.  I am more at ease with myself and feel very comfortable in my own skin now.

Some days I don’t feel like training.  But I’m committed to myself (one of my goals) and to my trainers.  Training always makes me feel better and it’s so nice to train with others in the group who spur you on when you don’t feel like doing it.  The trainers are so inspirational and encouraging as are other members of the group.


Give it a go!  Start making those little changes…. they soon add up and become big changes.  Try it even if it’s just for one round!  You work at your own pace and there are always options for different energy and fitness levels or injuries.  I’m sure you will find the experience fun, invigorating and rewarding in more ways than one! – Lynne Herbert, Epping

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