Transformation – Maree Papadimitropoulos

maree*When I went back and had a look at Maree’s original photos of when she first joined TF I nearly fell out of my chair! I can’t believe how far she has come in her physique, strength and fitness since May last year. Maree’s journey was not one about losing weight. Rather it is one of improving on what she already had, finding ways to develop self-love, building confidence and rediscovering herself. Through this journey she has proven to be  an absolute machine!

When she first joined us she struggled to complete one proper push up and is now she is smashing out super advanced ones. Her mindset is very inspirational and her dedication is one that everyone needs to take note from. I absolutely love training her and watching her kick serious goals. She does the homework I set at PT and so reaps in the rewards from her hard work. She puts in 110% each and every time, no questions asked. There is never a doubt of completing a set, a circuit, a time frame. It’s always head down, bum up and she doesn’t stop until the time is up, the set is finish or the task is complete; no matter how much it burns or how tired she is. Maree has a warrior attitude.

Congratulations Maree, you are a true inspiration and I am extremely proud of you!!! Here is what Maree has to say:

“The last 10 years have been a struggle through my marriage and my own personal goals. I’ve been separated now for two years which was one of the reasons I started to focus on myself. I also wanted to support my friend Effie with  her fitness goals so we both joined TF in May 2014. Fitness wise I’ve always been good but never pushed myself to further my goals because of my stress and breakdown of my marriage. On that note I’ve been a Size 8 to 10 and had a boy slim frame which always was an issue on my self  esteem. I wanted a “booty-liscious” bottom and abs so they became my two main goals in searching for the new me. So I trained in two classes with TF a week and 4 days a week at home with doing an hour and a half every night. Stamina and strength started to increase and my zest for living my life started to come back as I had lost a big chunk of myself when I was married and basically house and work bound.

I’ve noticed to this date that I’m 110% happier in life and with my relationship with my daughter and friends. My fitness couldn’t be better than what I’ve expected to achieve in such a short amount of time. My eating habits haven’t changed much since I’ve always been a good eater. I’ve dedicated my time in also doing PT with Terri which is what I wanted to succeed at being pushed and reaching new goals. So I thank Terri who had shown me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it no matter what. So to all of you at TF I love you.” – Maree Papadimitropoulos, Lalor

*Weight Loss and Nutrition Disclaimer