Transformation – Maria Esquivel

This month’s Profile of the Month is our beautiful and ever smiling, Maria Esquivel. I have had my eye on Maria for a couple of months now, watching her with utter pride!!! She has changed so much, not just physically but socially too. She is more confident and energetic, showing me more of your cheeky wicked sense of humour more and more each week. Absolute love it!!! She has never been a big talker in class but you can certainly see that chatty side really starting to come through.


Her strength and fitness has improved a zillion times and she works her butt off, without forgetting to have fun! Those push ups are really looking spectacular!


Maria has lost a total of 84.5cm from around her body since starting in August 2016, with 29.5cm being from her hips alone. These are brilliant figures!!! I couldn’t be prouder of Maria if I tried!!!


Here is Maria’s story in her words:

“For the last 4 years I did very little to no exercise. I would go to casual gym classes for a few weeks and then nothing for months. I did join up to a gym for a while but didn’t enjoy going on treadmills or doing weight by myself so I stopped going. My fitness levels was very low and I was really lazy.

Working full time also made it hard to go to classes or eat healthy. I noticed my clothes weren’t fitting so well and I hated going shopping as the sizes were just getting bigger and I wasn’t feeling comfortable.

I started googling for gyms in the area but didn’t go or look into it any further and Terrific fitness started appearing on my Facebook feed and I happen to call on a Saturday left a message and Rachel called me back and there happened to be an open day on the Sunday which I went to.

At the open day there were only a few people, Terri shared her story and we did a work out. Everyone was so friendly and I felt really comfortable with the structure of the classes.

It was also only 8 weeks that I had to commit to, so if I didn’t enjoy after then I thought I could try something else.

I started off with 2 classes (Monday night Circuit and THT), then for the next round went up to 3 classes and included Boot camp. Now I do boxing and trying the cardio 30.

Nutrition is the hardest thing for me! I love food; anything sweet or savoury they are both my favourite! I never really had breakfast I would get a muffin, toast, hash brown just really unhealthy options, but now I take the time to make something and eat before work so I’m not tempted to get a hash brown. I usually have eggs with tomatoes or avocado or mushrooms. Lunches have always been a salad, with Tuna or chicken, then a potato cake or chips if I was still hungry, afternoon snack would be a donut, chocolate, and lollies. I would get home and be starving and eat while I made dinner and then eat my dinner. My portion sizes were always big as well so I would always over eat for dinner!

I have reduced my snacking significantly and have also changed what they are. Now I tend to snack on nuts or cheese. I still struggle with food, I get lazy and find it hard to prepare for the week sometimes. It’s also hard when I have things on during the weekend as I can’t do the shopping and that’s when I tend to have a bad week.

I have been training for a year and half. I enjoy the classes and feel a lot better about myself, seeing my clothes get bigger has been a great motivation. I’m mindful of foods I’m eating and try not to indulge as much as I use to. 

I feel good, after having the measurements last week and seeing the picture difference I can see this has made a big difference for me.

[When asked “What really gets you out of your comfy lounge to attend training?”] It’s become a habit having set days for training helps to plan out the week. Find a class that you enjoy and then as you build your confidence with that class try another one.”– Maria Esquivel, Epping

*Weight Loss & Training Disclaimer