Transformation – Marina Ercegovac

Marina Ercegovac - before and after*“As far as my eating habits, I reduced my diet dramatically. My portions are much smaller and I rarely go for seconds. Initially I struggled to change my eating habits but I got the hang of it and I feel fantastic for it.

I have been training with Terrific Fitness for 12 weeks and my life is totally different compared to before training. I feel stronger physically. My headaches have stopped; I have so much more energy. For the first time in years I feel like I have myself back and didn’t think that would ever be possible.

I enjoy exercising now, it makes me happy. My self-esteem is much better. I have lost 5 kg and 8 centimeters off my stomach and several centimeters from other areas of my body.  I feel more toned now than I did before I had my kids.

What gets me off my comfy lounge to attend training are the results I am seeing. It’s so exciting to know that the hard work is paying off. It’s not only physically, mentally as well.

What would I say to potential people wanting to start with Terrific Fitness, I would say, go for it!!

It’s changed my life, from the way I think to the way I look and my energy levels are increasing every week. The greatest thing about the boot camp is that while losing weight I am toning up at the same time as well. I went from never liking exercise to looking forward to it.

Marina you should be very proud of yourself for proving that you can do it! Positive thinking is very powerful in making happen what you truly desire.  The results you have achieved along with your positive attitude have been sensational. You are an absolute pleasure to have on our team; you always have a smile on your face not matter how hard your day has been. We look forward to traveling your journey with you!!!

Marina Ercegovac, Coolaroo

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer