Transformation – Marissa Ugrenovic

Marissa Ugrenovic - before and after - 1*Marissa joined TF in December 2014. I have been keeping an eye on Marissa’s progress over the past few months and am sooo bloody crazy proud of how far she has come it’s not funny!!! Aside from her very obvious stunning physical transformation, her strength, fitness and all round persona have done a complete 360! Marissa is now performing the advanced version of most exercises now and are finishing the rounds off in Circuit as though she could just keep going. For someone who only actually trains once per week, this is pretty incredible.

She is such a bubbly and cheery, person. Once upon a time we couldn’t get a word out of her. Now when you talk with Marissa she is always chatty and smiling. For a very shy lady, that’s saying something! It’s so beautiful to see that she is so comfortable to have a chat now and not always looking to shy away. Marissa is still an introvert, that’s what makes her who she is, but now she is just shy and quiet, not self-conscious and no longer trying to go unnoticed. That’s pretty huge for women today.
Now when Marissa catches someone’s eye she smiles, she doesn’t look away shyly or embarrassed. That in itself is a huge transformation.

Finding photos of Marissa was quite a struggle. You can tell how self-conscious she use to be, because we struggled to find full body photos of her from the time she joined us. She didn’t even take profile photos when she joined. So, we have done the best we could with what we had.

On a physical level Marissa has lost a total of 78cm. That’s 21cm just from her waist and 9cm each thigh to name just a few of her changes. As you can see from her photos that’s a hell of a difference!
I am so proud of everything Marissa has achieved and how far she has come. Bloody awesome! Let’s hear from Marissa:

“Before joining Terrific Fitness, I was off work on maternity leave with my second child, didn’t exercise other than going out for the occasional walk with the kids, and I was tired and had no energy all of the time. I definitely felt weak within myself, always felt like my body was aching and sluggish. I have always struggled with neck and arm pain due to repetitive work, plus the extra workload of having 2 kids, I had a constant headache and felt foggy and couldn’t concentrate. My patience was almost non-existent, and I was pretty snappy.

I would say I had absolutely no fitness, I had no strength, and I was overweight. I was home every day and struggling with 2 demanding kids, I felt unorganized and made bad food choices at times. Although I always made sure I cooked, what I then thought were healthy meals, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the in between snacks were not always good. I was the heaviest I had been in a long time, and I was lucky I had an excuse to stay in, having a newborn at home. I was very self-conscious of my weight, and although I am quite a shy and reserved person anyway, it made me even more withdrawn.
I really needed to start doing something for myself. I was unhappy and felt like I was housebound, and never took any time out for me. I had just devoted my whole life and time to looking after my family. I knew what I needed to do but couldn’t get motivated by myself.

I had heard of Terrific Fitness a long while before joining, from people I knew attending classes, and saw the results they were getting, and decided that I should give it a go.
I started off attending circuit class once a week. I felt out of my comfort zone and so unco-ordinated, and took almost the whole week to recover in between classes!

I still only attend the one class a week, as time doesn’t allow me to train any more than that. And I run around after my kids every day and get out for a walk when we can.
I always considered myself to be a fairly healthy eater, I cooked good meals, thought I made healthy food choices most of the time, very rarely ate take away and always tried to avoid wheat, knowing I always felt bloated after eating it. I still struggled to lose any weight. After having a consultation with Terri and finding out I was allergic to gluten and lactose, and my boys allergic to gluten and dairy, our diet has changed a lot! I have learned to adapt our meals to remove allergy foods, and I try to eat smaller meals more often. This I have found has helped with my sugar cravings, being sleep deprived and tired constantly, I need good food to keep me going, otherwise, I know I will find myself craving sweets.

I have been training with Terrific Fitness for almost 12 months now. My life has changed so much, and I would say more so in the last 3 months since having my allergy tests. Not only have I lost a lot of weight, but I feel so much better within myself. My demands with the kids are still the same, and I am still sleep deprived, but I find if I eat well, then I can manage to get through the day so much easier. I don’t feel the tired, fogginess that I used to, my headaches have reduced significantly, and I have more patience to deal with what’s thrown at me each day. I feel healthier, stronger, and definitely heaps fitter than I used to be, and I have more energy to fit more into one day. I have always been organized, but felt a little out of my depths when my second child was born, and it definitely is more challenging and time consuming, but I know we all eat well and feel better for it if I’m organized and plan our meals in advance.
I am still the same person, I am quiet, shy and reserved, but I feel more confident within myself because I’m not so conscious of the way I look. I have noticed how much happier I am, and can now tell the difference between a bad mood, as opposed to feeling cranky every day.

Most weeks come Monday night when I’m due to get ready for training, I’ve generally had a tiring day with the kids, they are in bed and it’s time for me to have some down time and peace, and I always contemplate not attending, because I really look forward to crawling into bed early, but I know after every class I feel alive and refreshed, and it benefits me more going, than not. I’m never disappointed at the end because it makes me feel that much better that I know it’s worth it!
Do yourself a favour and join! It may seem like a chore to begin with, but if you’re truly serious about making changes to your lifestyle, you will realize the support and knowledge is there for you to succeed and you’ll never look back.” – Marissa Ugrenovic, Wollert

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