Transformation – Meleny Dali


*This month’s Profile of the Month is our beautiful smiling Meleny. I look at Meleny with pride in how far she has come, both in her weight loss and more importantly with her strength and fitness.
She is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Meleny never makes excuses about how she can’t attend training, or how hard it is to improve her health and fitness. She turns up, she applies 1000% effort and does so with a smile; each and every single time. She always partners with people that are going to challenge her and keep her moving forward. She is focused and determined and that is what makes her the success that she is.

Meleny is an absolute pleasure to train, and an inspiration to all mums out there balancing work, life, kids and a lifestyle. I am so proud of how far she has come. What an incredible role model she is for her children as well!
Meleny has lost a total of 47cm so far with 11cm being from her waist alone. Let’s hear from Meleny:

My life before Terrific Fitness was all about my family. Cooking, cleaning, driving the kids to sports. I never made time for myself. Oh I need to do the ironing, vacuuming etc. I also ate more fast food and my self-esteem dropped madly compared to how confident I was before kids. Back then I was slim and toned as I spent a lot of time in the gym. However after having my children I was always tired, no energy, ate late mostly easy meals like pasta. As my kids got older I thought I would lose the weight but got stuck in my bad habits. So I was talking to a wonderful friend of mine one day and she told me about Terri and Terrific Fitness. I was so excited to finally give myself permission to do something for me. Yeah!!

I started my training in 2 classes a week. Now I do 3 classes a week. I stopped eating fast food. Started making fresh food and cut down on my carbs. I have been training since Sept 2014. My life is different today because I have changed what we eat as a family. We are all more active. I feel better and healthier and more confident than before I started training. What makes me get off my couch and come to class every week is that I now know that I need to continue to be active to stay healthy and reach my goals. What I would say to anyone wanting to join terrific fitness is “Go for it!” If you have faith and determination you can achieve anything because you guys keep pushing us.” – Meleny Dali, Bundoora

*Weight Loss and Nutrition Disclaimer