Transformation – Mimma Valente

as at 29-11-15*This month’s Profile of the Month is one of my very closest friends Mimma Valente. Not because I love her to bits, (which I do!) but because she has the most incredible journey to share with you. She has come such a long way that credit needs to be paid to her persistence and perseverance and hope inspiration will be gained by those reading this month’s journey.

I have had the privilege of being by Mimma’s side every step of the way over the last 2 years, traveling her journey to success in her health and fitness. Her strength and fitness have improved 10-fold, she has transformed her lifestyle beyond words, but not just hers, her family’s too. Her health has improved vastly and continues to improve day by day. Physically she look like a completely different person.

She came to me a woman having just beaten depression, desperate and eager to learn, get fit, get healthy and lose weight. Today she is an empowered strong woman with the courage to fight for herself and those around her, battling issues with health and nutrition. She has not only taken control of her own weight, her health and her fitness, but also her mind. Moving forward in her education, she is now developing her mind and proving that transformations are not just about losing ‘x’ amount of centimetres. It is so much more than that. What an incredible message this is for the world!

The best part of this journey is that I have been able to form the most incredible bond with this amazing woman and now consider her one of my closest family friends. The relationships you form in life through adversity and celebration should be cherished always.

On a physical note, Mimma has lost a total of 74.5cm with 13.5cm being from her waist and 22cm being from her hips. These are some pretty incredible numbers for someone who has battled ongoing health issues!

Let’s hear from Mimma:

“I was someone who was perceived as confident and in control of her life; a happy go lucky person was what people would see in me. However in my own little world I was suffering with depression and anxiety. I was the person who everyone turned to for help and advice. Sad thing was, I was stuck and couldn’t even help myself. My self-esteem and confidence slowly diminished due to my depression. In my eyes I was fat (obese) how could anyone else love me if I couldn’t love myself. I tried every potion, pill, fad diet known to mankind. None of which ever worked. I trained at a local gym after I had my boys slugging in 6 days a week of training and basically starving myself. I had minimal changes to my body. My friends would say “I don’t know why you’re not thin, don’t know anyone who trains as hard as you and eats as well as you not to lose weight”. “If I did what you were doing I would be 1/2 of you. Don’t know how you can be bothered.” My depression got worse and I couldn’t bring myself to exercise anymore. Even though I was mindful of my weight I still stacked on the kilos. Thank god for my ever supportive husband who has been my rock and my family. Anything I wanted to do in regards to bettering my health Mick always supported me.

Late Nov 2013 I was diagnosed with fatty liver. This was the wake up call I needed to get back on track and beat these demons once and for all! Doctors wanted me to lose weight; easier said than done. I started boxing classes once a week for 6wks to be told she was no longer doing it anymore. Great I finally had momentum to train and then I didn’t know what I was going to do. Luckily I asked the question if she knew of anyone in the area who did group fitness training. She gave me Terri’s details and off I went to do some research. My fitness dropped dramatically and I realised how unfit I was. Walking was an effort without dragging my feet and my moods where still up and down. Emotionally I was still struggling. Did I know that the phone call I made to Terri 2 years was going to change my life in ways I didn’t even imagine could happen?

For once I was given hope that I can definitely fix my health; achieve my goals through proper nutrition and training. Many health professions I sought to see promised to help but when they saw I wasn’t seeing results they scratched their heads and placed me in the too hard basket. The difference with Terri she never once gave up on me or told me that it wasn’t impossible. It was its OK keep going we will get to the bottom of it. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but it was a challenge I was willing to accept. My gut for once was telling me I was on the right track and I was in good hands. I had faith. Terri’s guidance has helped me change mine and my family’s life around tremendously 360 degrees. We changed our diets to gluten and dairy free straight away (we discovered we were allergic to them!). I changed my head space and fixed my digestive issues. I attended Terri’s Nutrition workshops a few times and got so much each time.

I peeled myself off the couch cause I was exhausted by the ended of day. So I invested my energy in training. Training was no longer hard or boring. The first round with Terrific Fitness I only did once a week. Second round we up the ante to three times a week. I wanted to see results and yes I was one of those people I wanted to see it like today! I admit at the time I was scared and worried that all this hard work wouldn’t pay off and I would be left behind while everyone else was shrinking.
I love the community I have entered. I have made some fantastic friends who are walking this journey with me. My weight loss changes were nothing major to begin with but I was losing slowly and I never gave up, I persisted and kept at it. It took me 39yrs to get to where I am so what is another few more to get it right and do it properly and learn about myself along the way.
You see I joined Terrific fitness to lose weight but over the last 2yrs I’ve learned it wasn’t what was on the scales or the centimetres that was important; it was so much more, it went deeper. I’ve grown as a person mentally, emotionally and physically. I appreciate that it takes time to make positive changes. I’ve lost 12kgs and so many cms and have never felt better.

My journey hasn’t only impacted myself but my husband and kids too. We are a gluten and dairy free household. My son Adrian in particular suffered with server eczema on his feet. He was on and off medication and in and out of hospital on drips because the infection kept getting so bad. Never once was I told it was his diet we had to change. I was told he couldn’t wear leather shoes and will be like this for the rest of his life along with other environmental stuff that was triggering it off. As a mother I felt helpless and heartbroken because he never complained even though he was uncomfortable and always playing a sport. I took him off gluten and diary and within one week a dramatic change occurred. His feet started to heal. Fast forward 2 years and is now able to wear leather shoes again and God bless is thriving, as are the rest of my family. One major lesson is that I can lead by example, we are active and eat extremely well. My kids don’t know any different; exercise is a part of our lives. I have been able to give my kids a head start to life. This is extremely important to me as my family is my world!

January 2015 I wanted to gain more muscle and fix my posture due to the work I do. It was the best thing I did. I am lifting weights I never thought was possible. PT brought training to a whole new level. Weight training built my confidence, giving me strength and definition. Currently I am training 3 group sessions, PT and sprints once a week. Recently I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroidism and adrenal fatigue so again weight loss is slow until this is corrected. No this isn’t going to stop me reaching my goals. I just have to keep on moving forward. I’m sharing this to show you obstacles always come in your way it’s how and what you do with it that tells your story.
Just a few months ago I was having a conversation with Terri in my nutrition consult telling her I didn’t know my purpose. I knew the obvious; I was first and foremost a mother, wife, daughter and friend. But I wanted more. I wanted to help others on the same journey as myself. This is where Terri suggested I become a wellness coach. [Mim is fabulous with people and her listening skills are incredible!] The thought had never crossed my mind. So now I am studying to become a wellness coach and hope to make a difference and help others.

I joined Terrific Fitness lost, with no direction, no vision and with no real goals besides losing weight before I turned 40. Thankfully I am one stubborn woman and never gave u;, it is all about timing. I love my life and I love my training; it’s a part of my lifestyle now. The pain and sorrow that was masked through my eyes no longer lingers or exists; I’ve won this crazy battle, head on.

I am finally proud to say I am now less than half the woman I wished to be size wise. I am happy, I love to laugh, I am confident and most of all more knowledgeable about my health. I am worthy and worth all the hard work I invest in myself. I don’t feel guilty going to training to better my health while my husband and kids are at home. It’s my down time. I no longer see food as my enemy and I can enjoy sometimes foods when I am in company because I know I give it 100% the rest of the time. I can now be more active and have fun with my kids, family and friends. I no longer hide, I embrace who and what I am. My journey is far from over, I have so much more to achieve. I know I am on the right track and with the support of Terri everything is possible. So yes I have gained so much more, I have gained a best friend for life and her family.

My advice to anyone thinking about joining Terrific Fitness is don’t procrastinate just do it. You will not look back. Know your value and worth and make your health a priority. You’re in the best hands and with the most knowledgeable woman I have met who continues to educate and learn herself so that she can pass it on her clients. Terri doesn’t give up on you when it’s hard.
You are surrounded by the most supportive and loving community we are in. It’s not just exercise it’s fun. Never tell yourself or let anyone tell you that it’s impossible. Choose your hard. Follow your goals, visions and dreams because you can achieve what you put your mind to do!” – Mimma Valente, Epping

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer