Transformation – Nikki Morris

as at 25-04-16*I have watched Nikki quite intently over the past few months, with pride at how far she has come in the past 12 months. Her strength, fitness and commitment to her training have improved with each and every round. She is performing exercises she couldn’t do at all at the beginning, such as full floor push ups. When she comes to class she always puts in 110% no matter what. She has a joke, but is always focus wholeheartedly. The physical transformation is also something to be very proud of. Nikki has implemented many changes to her nutrition and has proven that you don’t need to deprive yourself in order to get results. It’s not about being perfect 100% of the time, rather making wiser choices.  As soon as Nikki got serious about her nutrition her waist started shrinking dramatically! She has lost a total of 26cm just from her waist alone! She will give you more details shortly.


Nikki, I am extremely proud of how far you have come in your journey! Not just physically, but more emotionally and mentally. Seeking the further assistance that you needed beyond the nutrition and exercise is sometimes necessary, and I am so glad you are sharing your story, to give hope to so many others out there. Too many times we kill ourselves in training or starve ourselves for the physical appearance and fail to recognise what we actually need is so much more than that, in order to achieve what we want out of our lives.


Nikki you are a true inspiration to all women out there. I am honoured to be your coach and am extremely excited about the person you are unleashing. I love that you can smile so much more today, not just in your actual smile, but right from your eyes. When you smile, everything around you lights up.


And as for your booty, whoop!!! Now that’s one booty to be proud of! 


Let’s hear from Nikki:


“My life before training and exercise was pretty miserable. I had very low energy and put all of what I had into my son. He is now 3, but from the get go I made sure he was doing activities that will be of benefit to him and that he seems to enjoy. I will always do that as I feel it is important but I never took the same time to do it for myself. I was reluctant to do anything that would take me out of my comfort zone and made me try. I lived in a little ‘unaware’ bubble; more to the point I was ignorant I guess. I ignored the fact that I was putting on weight; none of which came from being pregnant. It happened before and after. I was the same weight as pre-baby a week after giving birth. Then I put on some more. I reached 80kg and a size 14. In total, 25kg from the last time I remember feeling good; seeing a picture of myself and not hating it. And just well and happy! There was no fitness, no health or strength and no real care about the effect of what I was doing to my body, except when I caught a glimpse at my reflection or a picture of myself. Then I was shattered again, wondering why I didn’t care enough to stop this. 


Then a friend who I met through mothers, group had picked back up training with Terrific Fitness, where she had trained pre-baby. Emma, “thank you!” I would not have made the progress I have without you dragging me along. She asked me to come along to a class to try. She didn’t give me much time to over think or make excuses and I thought ‘it can’t hurt’. Well it could haha, but nothing that was going to hurt seriously. I was huffy and puffy and got a headache and was dizzy. Unable to do certain exercises I was disheartened but I knew it was my problem and if I wanted to be able to do them I had to change my lifestyle. I wasn’t all that keen and knew it was going to take more than I was prepared to put in. But still I began with 1 class a week and still eating what I would now consider to be pretty bad. I then got Terri’s book as I had no idea of nutrition and had been told this is where to start. So I read the book. It has helped a lot. I upped my classes to 2 and changed my nutrition. I was still not seeing the progress I would have liked but things were changing. And I still considered eating on a ‘diet’.


Next round I did 8 weeks of eating exactly how I had been learning, 2 classes with Terrific and 1-2 home workouts per week. It started to really kick in, but I did find myself sad and quite anxious about food. If I ate anything I knew I shouldn’t’t have I dwelled on it. I lost nights of sleep if I didn’t feel I ate an appropriate pre/post work out meal. I knew I needed a different approach to this. I couldn’t stay feeling like this and letting it consume my time, thoughts and body. So I told myself to just take some weeks off obsessing over food and focus on training and still being smart with food choices but if I ate things that wouldn’t help with weight-loss then, so be it. I invested in a psychologist to help with this and other personal issues I face. I was still slowly dropping weight and cms, which I felt was better than going backwards. It was becoming clearer and clearer I had to change my view on exercise – to make this part of life, not just weight-loss. And food – finding alternatives to food I love. I pretty much Google the word ‘paleo’ or ‘clean’ before the meal I want to create. And I now want to change mine and my families food to this style, permanently. There are so many options out there and I get excited about my food. Sometimes I’m still boring with my cooking but that’s more about not preparing or doing a meal plan and less about the lack of options.


Today I have lost about 18kg and almost 100cm from my 1st measurements, just over a year ago; a size 10. I’m pretty proud of my efforts. I truly didn’t believe I could do that. It has been hard at times both physically and mentally but I will never look back with regret. I have loads more energy and am not so reluctant when my husband says lets go for a walk. I’m much more aware of the foods and drinks and their worth to myself and my progress. I get up and go to training 2-3 times a week because I don’t give myself the option to not. I choose to go through Terrific as it suits my frame of mind. I can easily buy a gym membership, but I know I just wouldn’t go. I’m booked into classes here. It’s part of my routine. I have to tell someone if I’m not going to be there. I wouldn’t have to with a gym. I have friends and familiar faces who I enjoy spending time working out with and seeing before or after classes. Whilst I still find classes physically draining and screw my noes up at them, I do love knowing that I am capable and am doing something productive for myself. I was missing my son at bed time up to 3 nights a week as he always asks for me to lay with him. That’s our time for kisses and cuddles after a crazy day. So the introduction of day classes has helped with this.


If anyone was thinking of joining Terrific Fitness there is so much more to this group than just fitness classes. It really is a community where everyone has great intentions for themselves and others. Everyone is ready and willing to help one another and most of all, the trainers and staff have a world of knowledge that they are ready and willing to share with you. They are supportive and kind (well as kind as a personal trainer can be) its enjoyable being part of this group! Big thanks to Terri and the team for being so awesome xxx” – Nikki Morris, Mernda

 *Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer