Transformation – Paige O’Brien

Our Profile of the month for January is our beautiful Paige O’Brien. Paige originally joined

Terrific Fitness in August 2016. She trained with us for about 6 months. In that period Paige had very low self-esteem and would all too often skip class. You could see she was miserable. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t break down her wall. She stopped training ‘for personal reasons’ then returned in September 2017.

Paige came in to see me (Terri) before she started training again and we had a chat about what she wanted to achieve, her goals. Paige was a completely different person. She looked me in the eye when we spoke instead of her feet, like she used to. We put forward an action plan and she commenced training again. In our meeting I noticed she had shrunk somewhat. I congratulated her on how good she looked. She thanked me but didn’t say too much.

Once Paige started training again, she attended her classes more and trained with more determination than ever, but the old habits of skipping classes would sneak in. It was at this stage that Paige booked a Coach Chat with me to discuss her goals and habits again. We formed an action plan where Paige committed to attending 100% of her classes or at least make up any she missed. Paige was true to her word and did just that for the rest of Round 4.

It was then that I managed to break down that wall and really got to know Paige on a different level. It was here that she informed she’d had weight loss surgery. Once upon a time I would have been appalled and judged her like most people do when they hear someone has undergone weight loss surgery. In the days I didn’t understand what drove people to make that decision I would have jumped on my high horse and tut-tutted.

However I have since researched the psychology of people taking that path and realised how desperate someone is when they make the decision to have surgery. I have also coached a few people that have had surgery prior to coming to train with TF and now really understand the decision process. Is it something I recommend for someone? No. I much prefer teaching people to cha

nge their diet to balance their weight and to teach them to be more active, then putting themselves at such high risk and going through surgery.

However if someone feels that surgery is their last resort they have the right to make that decision. I take them where they’re at and teach them how to improve their health from there, instead of letting them continue to eat processed junk food.

This is where Paige was. She had her surgery and started her road to improving her health. She has learned a lot about nutrition, exercise and mindset since returning to TF and for that I am very proud of her. She is a very determined, dedicated and committed young lady. She has the most infectious smile and a heart of gold. Paige has huge awesome go

als, which extend far beyond aesthetics now, and I am so proud of how far she has come in just 3 months since changing her mindset.

Since then Paige has lost 4.5kg of pure body fat and increased her muscle mass by 2.1%. She has reduced her visceral fat (the dangerous fat in the abdomen) by 2 levels and decreased her metabolic age by 2 years. That in itself it massive. It’s been a journey of regaining health, life and confidence. I mean just check out the smile in her photo taken in December!

I am so so so proud of Paige and look forward to celebrating her achievements when she succeeds i

n her goal. I have 100% faith that she will achieve it now as I have seen how committed she is. Paige you are incredible!!! You have completely turned your life around and for that I am ridiculously proud of you! Awesome work babe.

Here is Paige’s story in her words:

“I was very uncomfortable in group situations, actually in any situation that involved having to leave my house! While I could put on a happy face and pretend I was ok, inside I was miserable! I was fat, unfit and very very unhappy.

My work uniform was tight and uncomfortable, all year round I wore a jumper over the top just so I could hide how I looked with my shirt tucked in. I hated eating in front of anyone which sometimes included my family, I was a very good secret eater.

I had no fitness, walking to work from the car park, I would be getting out of breath and chest pains. I couldn’t play with my children as much as they wanted.

It was a pretty miserable existence!

Left to my own devices in a gym, I’m very lazy!! I knew that group exercises was what I liked to do, but never enjoyed classes that are offered in mainstream gyms.

I did a bit of research on Terrific Fitness after I’d seen the sign, I liked what I’d seen and read so I mustered up the courage to make the appointment. Rachel was great, she fit me in the same day.

 The minute I walked through the door of Terrific Fitness for an orientation, I instantly felt at ea

se. I knew that this gym was going to be different to all the other gyms I’d been a member of.  

Before joining Terrific Fitness, I was going to the gym once per week, doing the bare minimum and getting the hell out of there!

Once I joined Terrific Fitness I think I started with 2 classes per week, and stuffed around for about 9 months, on and off.

I’ve now go to 4 classes per week and loving every one of them.  

I had weight loss surgery in May 2017, so I’ve had to dramatically change my eating habits! Before WLS I would eat huge portions of everything and then go back for more! Naturally I can’t do that now, so I’ve used the cheat sheets that are in the TF studio to help guide me on the best food that my body needs now. I purchased Terri’s book and use the recipes from that to make great meals, that not only I enjoy, but so do my children, a particular favourite are the meat balls/ patties with loads of veggies grated into them, my 4 year old steals them out the fridge and eats them as her snack. I also cook up batches of chicken wings that I now keep on hand for easy lunches and snacks, 12 months ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of choosing these as snack foods!  I had a body composition analysis with Terri, which has been a big eye opener, and still something that I’m working on.

I’ve been with Terrific Fitness on and off for about 1 year.

I’ve always enjoyed exercise, but moving to Melbourne in 2016 I really fell into a slump. I didn’t want to exercise, would complain about myself, but do nothing to change.

I hated the mirrors that were in the gym, I would do anything to avoid looking in them! Now I can see such a huge improvement in myself that I actually like looking at my reflection.

I feel so much happier about myself today, not just in my weight loss, but also in my fitness improvement. I’m a much more confident person at work, I now have the confidence to interact with all my colleagues. I no longer walk with my head down, hoping no one will notice me!

There are no more chest pains on a 10 minute walk, I can now walk up 8 flights of stairs instead of taking the lifts and not want to collapse at the top.

I’m really proud of the steps that I’ve taken to improve my life!

I simply enjoy it now. After a gentle but much need kick up the bum from Terri, it took me 2 more weeks after our coach chat to actually look forward to going to my classes. My turning point was attending my boxing class when I really didn’t want to and was having a ‘fat day’ and low self esteem issues, something in my brain clicked telling me that this was actually really good for me for both mental and fitness reasons, and apart from injuries/illness, I haven’t missed a class since.

Go and have a look! It is the friendliest more supportive team you’ll ever work with! The amount of knowledge that is under their roof is incredible.

The other people training are fantastic too, everyone is very welcoming and happy to help each other. In fact, my Monday night HIIT partner is constantly keeping me on my toes and making me increase my weights, she certainly doesn’t let me slack off, and it’s great!” – Paige O’Brien, South Morang


 *Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer