Transformation – Rachael Chapple

Rachael Chapple - before and after 3*“My life before starting Boot Camp was probably the same as most people…..I thought my nutrition was ok and that an occasional walk and eating less often would help me lose my baby weight but once I got educated through Terrific Fitness I realized how wrong I was and that actually eating more of the correct foods and teaching my body to become stronger in all areas was the way to do it…….it has all been down to motivation inspiration and education.

My eating habits have changed dramatically; I eat a high protein high fat diet with no sugar and very limited carbs.  I eat much more than I used to and more often too….I was shocked at how much carbs and sugar I was eating before and how great I feel without them.  I keep a food diary too which I submit on a weekly basis which helps me not to cheat and I don’t think I would have achieved such great results without this.

I have just started my 3rd boot camp and my life is so different now; I don’t feel guilty about leaving my daughter now because I am doing something to better myself which in turn benefits her.  I have loads more energy to interact with my daughter. My self-esteem is a lot better now and rather than feeling like a frumpy mum I now feel better than I did before I got pregnant as I am treating my body with respect and love.

I’m starting to actually love my reflection in the mirror and keep reminding myself of how far I have come rather than how much further I have to go to achieve my goals. I also brought my first pair of jeans in 10 years and I feel amazing in them.

Loyalty, is what gets me off my comfy lounge and off to boot camp….loyalty to myself….loyalty to my trainer and loyalty to Amanda (my sister in law) as we train together.  Also it’s nice to have a break from being a mum for an hour or two each week 🙂

What would I say to someone wanting to know if they should train with Terrific Fitness? I would say if you are ready to stop whining and complaining about where you are at and actually make your fitness goals a reality then please join Terrific Fitness as it isn’t a scam or a crazy diet it is a proven system where you can achieve your goals and change your life.”

Rachael Chapple, West Preston

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer