Transformation – Rebecca Tonkin

*When Bec joined us in August 2016 she was nervous yet excited for what lay ahead. She has always been a happy-go-lucky person, but today she has taken that to a whole new level. Her bubbly personality shines even greater, as does her gorgeous smile.

I remember Bec’s first training session; she tackled everything like her life depended on it. Yes, she struggled with some things and needed help with technique, or needed to build strength and fitness, but her determination was evident from day 1. I looked at Bec and smiled, knowing what was to come. It was a real case of ‘watch this space’.

When Bec started she was unable to perform a complete push up on her toes. We went over the technique weekly, going through the progression stages, building her strength and fine tuning her technique. As I don’t train Bec anymore I hadn’t seen how far she had come until recently, when she attended one of my classes. I had the privilege of watching her perform push ups and nearly burst with pride. Not only was her technique perfect, she just about kissed the floor! Coach Theo came home weekly (he’s my husband) talking about how inspired he was by Bec at Boot Camp. But it’s one thing hearing him talk and another seeing it for yourself. What an extraordinary woman! We are all so crazy proud of Bec! Our coaching team talk about her progress regularly! Especially since we have all trained her or trained alongside her.

Bec is a perfect example of the 80/20 rule when it comes to weight loss. You don’t have to kill yourself training every single day in order to change your body. Bec trains with us officially once per week. She remains very active the rest of the week, but places a huge emphasis on her nutrition and mindset to propel her results along. She has taken advantage of the services we offer our members to push her to the next level.

Bec, you are a true inspiration and I am so proud to be part of your journey and have the privilege of having you on our team. You are an incredible woman, wife, and mother and I have the utmost respect for your ‘never-give-up’ attitude. Don’t ever stop being your true self! You go girl!!!

A quick word from your Coach, Theo:

“Bec, I am truly honoured to have contributed to you success. As one of your coaches I am honoured and inspired by your efforts every class. When I give you extra weight, or when I modify your station to make it harder, you don’t whinge, you don’t huff and puff, you just look at me, nod your head and say “yes boss” and just get on with the job at hand. You don’t question me, you just accept and do. You have grown so much over the past 7 months, and seeing you change both physically and mentally is amazing. You are a fantastic role model, a super mum with a heart of gold. Keep up your fantastic effort and amazing attitude.” – Coach Theo

Here is Bec’s story, in her words:

“So back in 2016 I lived what seemed to be a modern day busy, full time working Mum lifestyle, working an average of 47 hour weeks then coming home to 2 young kids (3yo & 7yo) and a husband who also worked a stressful full time job. I suffered from what is now a pretty common condition known as PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome and just wanting to crash on the couch.

 I had started to notice a few extra kilos and just used the old excuse of “More of me to love” then it just kept piling on to the point people were asking if I was expecting another baby! I was in my biggest clothing size at a 16 and pushing towards an 18.

This made me feel crappy, I went back to what I had previously tried after my first born daughter the good old Shake diet…. Boy was this hard to stick to with a physically demanding job of driving a School Bus and maintenance/cleaning of the vehicles, I never had energy, I had less than what I had before. So I threw the towel in and told myself to accept it as it was. Then I thought to myself look at these 2 beautiful babies I have been blessed with.

 Do I really want them to grow up thinking it is ok just to throw the towel in when life gets too hard? Do I want to be watching my kids play from the park bench out of breath after 3 minutes? Do I want a painful, unhealthy, depressive life? 

 I answered “NO” to these, I got on the scale one afternoon in a low moment and saw the scales tipping at 94kg just 9kg lower than when I was pregnant with my second child 3 years prior! (I was 57kg before kids) 

OMG! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I needed to do something and do it fast. I then remembered my family members Scott & Dani Toull who had completely changed their lives with TF not to mention my son’s Childcare teacher Nikki Morris & fellow co-worker Craig Harding who also trained at TF.

That night I ordered Terri’s Unleash the best version of you book & started reading the e-copy that week. I was constantly asking questions to Craig & Nikki about how it all worked etc.

Now being the completely inactive person I was my fitness level was almost non-existent. I had no upper body strength at all.

Anybody who knows me knows that I live by the rule of: if you are going to do something do it right the first time or my favorite saying “JUST DO IT!”

 That is exactly what I did, before thinking twice I signed up for the round starting in August 2016, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I was scared because the last time I joined a gym I bulked up so much that I could only wear trackies (I have since worked out why). So with 1 class a week at a beginner level doing F.I.T.N.E.S.S Circuit Monday Nights with Terri & Tania, I overhauled my diet trying my best to go Gluten Free and eat a good Carb diet. I dropped an amazing 12 kilos in a matter of weeks. My energy levels were thru the roof & I felt amazing!

Renewal forms rolled around quickly & I needed to challenge myself a little more so I farewelled my friends in Circuit & moved over to BIG BAD Theo’s Thursday night Bootcamp I had been told Theo is hard on people & his classes are a whole new level. I considered this a challenge I couldn’t refuse, I also wanted to step it up another notch so booked myself into a BCA (Body Composition Analysis) with Danielle. In 12 weeks from orientation 31/08/2016 to 19/11/2016 I had dropped a total of 21cm total body. This was like a smack in the face, look at what I had achieved in just 3 months! So another round later I went back for a follow up BCA this time with Terri and lost HUGE numbers 6cm just off my hips with a total 22cm gone, so in 6 months I had lost a total of 43cm… OMG I only just added this up writing this WOWZERS! 

 I started crying during my BCA with Terri my improvements were huge, but again, I wanted to excel to the next level, so I booked a Nutritional appointment with Danielle, I had to re-evaluate my meals eat more and plan EVERYTHING, I learnt a lot!

I have just signed up to the 3rd round with Theo for Thursdays nights and let’s just say BIG BAD Theo is a softy at heart. I love the way the TF coaches push us, encourage us, occasionally get in our face, or sneak an extra few kilo weights on our reps.

Life today has enough energy to run laps with my kids, jump on the trampoline without getting too exhausted. I eat anywhere between 5 and 7 meals a day as oppose to the 2 maybe 3 I was eating. I have gone from constant takeout, soft drinks and sweets to snacking on Chicken wings, meatballs, veggies and water. I have also dropped close to 2 dress sizes.
I am the first to admit I do still splurge and do a can of soft drink, a takeout meal or a weak moment for a sweet, but I still select the GF options as I feel crook afterwards otherwise. I have also learnt it is all about the 80/20 we can’t always be perfect.

 I feel sexy again, I am not a lazy, over stressed, and a tired Mum anymore I am full of life again. I love hearing people say you look amazing, it will never get old.

 Knowing that 7 months ago this woman was unable to do a push up and changing my words from saying “I can’t do it” to “there is no such thing as I can’t it is just hard and need to practice more”

Knowing I can help others during training by a simple “push… 1 more let’s do this, UP.. 1..2..3..4.. UP”

 What gets me off the couch these days is seeing the delight on my kids’ faces when Mummy is chasing them around. Seeing the positive figure I am for them and watching them trying to mimic Mummy working out & trying all these new healthy foods.

 My Training is my me time, I always push myself to limits then Theo pushes me that little bit more

The team at TF is not just a place to work out it truly is like a second family.

 When people ask about where I train I tell them that I would never consider anywhere else again!

 So with a total loss of 16 kilos and 43cm in just 7 months, I know I have made the best decision possibly of my life to date, with the help and support of Terri, Tania, Theo, Dani, Lisa & Rach, I cannot thank you all enough!

I look forward to soaking many more shirts in sweat, pushing through many more hard classes, learning more and improving my skills and technique and most of all remembering that the following 2 days of pain after training is good pain and all worth it.

Chase your dreams people and remember that goals are, forever changing, keeping us on our toes.” – Bec Tonkin, Mernda

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer